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Small town in Ontario, Canada. I'm a retired high school teacher with a basement studio. It's a love/hate relationship - the hate comes in when my computer crashes. I use good outboard pres to an Apogee converter straight into Digital Performer in a Mac G5. Motu 2408 Mk II and Mk III are my audio interfaces and a Midi Express XT is my midi interface. I use an old Ramsa DA7 (digital) to monitor the tracks and use UAD-1 plug-ins and some outboard effects. There are some fairly good guitars and amps around but I usually end up using a Pod XT for guitar since it is fast. Buying the latest and greatest computer or software updates is really not my thing. I record midi and virtual instruments as well as audio tracks of course. I play a little of everything - nothing on a virtuoso level. I'm always interested in talking about recording. A couple years ago Alan Williams - the Beatles first manager - dropped into my little studio to say hello. Being a huge Beatle fan, that was a crazy event for me. I'll be reading and snooping. Thanks.


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hi and welcome to Songstuff Edward :)

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