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Hey All !

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Hey all , I'm bad at introducing , so ill just try to make this as fair as i can :P Firstly , hows everyone :D? I've been searching for some great music forums ,and i think i found one :)

hehe , all my life I listened music , like we all do ,always singing as the song plays :) , and one day , i just thought that i should try and record something since i don't think my voice is bad ...

So i got an old mic from my friend worth like 15 $ and a program called nuendo , and i just practiced in the program for like 30 days , singing some covers...

the mic was very noisy , so i could not hear like anything , and when i did volume up , the quality would be worse than singing on a bad mobile phone , so i got some tweaks with plug ins for my mic , i made it basically with no noise at all :D so i sold a game i was playing and with the money i bought a nice beat , and started writing lyrics.

Took me like 5 days to finish em , as was not in a hurry :P So after that , it took me 3 hours to record that and get it in order , and i got my first song up and running on youtube the next day.. Showed it to friends...i gave it a bit of promoting on some forums , facebook /etc and boom , in like 1 week , it had 7000 views... Me and my close friends were amazed and it was cool to them as it was to me , so i thought about making more songs , so this is what i did till now ~ 3 songs :)




be sure to check the song Blow Me Away because i think its the best i got atm :P

Id be more then grateful if some of you could view those 2-3 songs i just linked in that channel and tell me what you think :)

Thanks in advance !

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welcome to Songstuff :)

perfectly good intro :)

Remember to subscribe to the Songstuff channel on youtube! :)

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