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Help With Chords And Half Steps On Eastern/classical Song.

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I'm working on a sort of groove/prog classical and eastern sounding song.

This is the first draft of the track and I've just started laying down the chords on it I did the bass lines first and most of the main ones will stay.

I get a bit confused as to what chords work best when the bass is playing many lines with 1/2 steps

the line at 2:06 goes like this:

GGG G Ab G F G Ab B C B G Ab.. F...

And I have these chords going over that...


Just trying to follow my ear the best I can. The key of the song is D diminished.

What chords work best over these kind of parts with many half step "evil sounding" lines?

the rest of the demo from 2:30 onwards is all just excess random junk.

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My opinion, so get some salt....

G F G could be an arpeggiation (Fsus2?).

The (G Ab) and (B C) stuff are probably roots. If runs, maybe consider parts of a inverted triad like (Abmaj7 or Emaj) and (Cmaj7 or Abm) respectively.

Some of the bass line shows quick vertical movement which could mean the notes are passing. I didn't hear any syncopation, so the chord supporting would appear typically ON the starting beat of the bass run, preferably at the first or third beat of the measure.

The only diminished part I can imagine is in the described bass in your post. IF Ab is the centerpoint and F and B (substituted for C) are the "ends." If this is true, this is an Fdim. But honestly, I don't hear it.

Oh, I totally miss the point about this piece being evil or eastern. It does, however, sound like good mood music...something to listen to while you're unwinding at the end of the day, snuggled up to a martini.


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