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  1. 5 strings. I started on 4 then moved up to 5. Going back to 4 soon.
  2. I'm working on a sort of groove/prog classical and eastern sounding song. This is the first draft of the track and I've just started laying down the chords on it I did the bass lines first and most of the main ones will stay. I get a bit confused as to what chords work best when the bass is playing many lines with 1/2 steps the line at 2:06 goes like this: GGG G Ab G F G Ab B C B G Ab.. F... And I have these chords going over that... D/F....................Eb/Ab...........C/F/Ab Just trying to follow my ear the best I can. The key of the song is D diminished. What chords work best over these kind of parts with many half step "evil sounding" lines? the rest of the demo from 2:30 onwards is all just excess random junk.
  3. I dont get much into bass solo stuff but heres a few suggestions... "Kindergarten" by Faith No More off the album "Angel Dust" "Orion" by Metallica of the album "Master Of Puppets" anything that Tony Levin or Mick Karn ever did with Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Japan or solo projects. Manring is just incredible nobody plays a bass the way he does. I'd never seen or heard Tal Wilkenfeld play. Oh wow! now I get what the talk is about. I love the looks she gives at about the 2:40 mark lol! cute I think I want to hear more Jeff Beck...
  4. At rehearsals... I rock a Zon Sonus 5 string bass (hence the name!) run into a Markbass F1 and Bergantino 2x12 with a Boss ME-50B I also use a Mesa Boogie 2x15. I've got another Zon 4 string bass on the way, currently being built. I just love the sound and look of them.
  5. Listen to The Cocteau Twins and Faith No More for lyrics that have no meaning or are very cryptic. Most of their lyrics were like that. They left the meaning up to the listener to figure out. A lot of it also had some sort loose theme.
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