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Introducing Myself + A Song

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I'm a teenager who loves music. :P

I play guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, and hope to soon relearn drums. I also really really love songwriting and poetry!

But I don't really feel like overloading you guys with information, why don't I just show you a bit about me through song :)


This is very much a rough draft of what I want to do with the song, as I pretty much just got inspired, wrote it down, recorded it, and threw it on Youtube for critique mainly on the monologue/writing. I definitely plan to edit the video/spacing/ flow of it all, but I'd love to see what you guys think of it.

If you can comment on the video with your critique, approval (or disapproval), I'd love it!

PS the original song is an instrumental: COUNTING STARS - NUJABES. I added my own bass/percussion & monologue.


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hi and welcome to Songstuff! :)

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Thanks y'all! (Yes, I'm Texan, inb4usaythat, lol)

And yeah, I need to work on its spacing and the quality/distortion throughout the vocals. Here's the lyrics if you're interested:

What is the reality that we live in?

Is it an illusion made up of what we are and where we've been?

Is there some ethereal solution to our problem's- a new resolution to our constitution brought forth by the institution of our past circling in twos?

Where are we in the grand scheme of things?

Are we advancing through acts or are we just starting the first scenes?

How fast can we go, without sacrificing our integrity?

Blown forth by the immensity of our own burning insecurity-

Will we find sanction in our pride and glory

Or will we lose ourselves to the power and human greed?

Sometimes I hate to sit and wonder about al o these things

So many rhetorical questions I know the answer to but don't want to think.

So many things left undiscovered, it's an absolute immensity

I sometimes find myself doubting theory of relativity and if there truly is infinity-

Or just a number so large we can't approach it's ideal for the fact that it precedes us in importance to the universe.

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