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Hey, my name's Luke, and I'm joining a forum for the first time, because a friend recommended me to do so. I don't know a whole lot about how these work, so please excuse my ignorance should I step out of line.

I sing and play several instruments. Although I'm most proficient on drums and guitar, I also play piano, harmonica, banjo, cello, bass, and a little french horn. I started playing harmonica in fourth grade, started guitar in 8th grade, and started drumming as a sophomore in highschool. I never took many official lessons on any particular instrument, but I can't say I'm "self taught", because I learned everything I know from watching my friends and favorite musicians.

I've played in several bands growing up, and am currently in two. The first is called Of Course Not. We're a four-piece alternative rock band, and I sing and play guitar. The band is about ten months old now, and we have myself on guitar, a bassist that also plays backup guitar, a pianist that also sings and plays bass guitar, and a drummer. Of Course Not focuses on a vocal emphasis, and has lots of catchy melodies and harmonies. If you're interested in listening, we have a facebook account at Facebook.Com/OfCourseNotMusic.

Another band I'm in is called The Manifest Destinies. Manifest is a gimmick band that I play drums in for fun. We dress up in costumes like we're from the Revolutionary War times, and play punkrock/mathcore songs about the American Revolution. Although we're in the band purely for our own enjoyment and don't focus on writing music that people will catch on to, it seems to have caught on anyways due to its comical nature. We don't have recordings of good quality, but check us out at Facebook.com/ManifestedMusic

I write songs, lyrics and music, and everything else, but I'm still learning. I have a lot of trouble writing songs quickly, and usually take a long time to complete one. I mostly write by myself, but have also done a few collaborations with friends.

I record music, I'm actually a Recording Arts Technology major. I don't have a home studio, but I do recordings at school, and some of those are up for listening at Facebook.com/OfCourseNotMusic.

I'm not sure what the definition of a techhead is, but I can talk tech sometimes. When it comes to music theory I can talk all day, but I know very little about sound gear and equipment.

I live in the US of A, baby! Not my favorite country, but its hard to be picky when you don't vote. I stay pretty politically ignorant.

I have several other pastimes besides music. (Although music is much more than a pastime for me!) I love drawing, acting, skateboarding, hiking, juggling, football, track, Frisbee, rock climbing, and pulling pranks on friends.

Finally, here's what I'm looking for at SongStuff: I'd love to be able to get some good critiques and advice on my song writing. I would do anything to make music into a career, and am trying to do everything in my power to make that a realistic goal.

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Hey Luke, welcome to Songstuff! Nice intro :)

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