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Hello! So I'm New Here :)

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Hello everyone!

Sooo, lemme introduce myself... I am a 17 year old guy living in Germany since I'm 6 years old. Before that I lived in Moscow, Russia. That's where I was born.

So I speak Russian, German, English and some French that I am studying at high school. Well, still my English is far from being perfect, so please excuse my possible language mistakes. So that's some general information about myself, now let's go to the part where I explain my relation to music-making and stuff :)

Well, my first encounter with doing music myself was when I decided learning playing the piano when I was around 11 years old. I actually did not continue for a long time and dropped the piano lessons when I was 14. I did not really put much effort in exercising back then, I guess because of puberty and such :), so in fact I didn't even learn to play just by looking at the sheet music... embarrassing...

Since then I started listening more and more to all kinds of electronic music, and at some point I decided to try out and just make some tunes myself on my computer, but soon realized that I need much more knowledge and so I got myself some books and DVDs which I read/watch from time to time...

So I keep experimenting with making music on my pc, using Ableton, some VST's and some Sennheiser Headphones :), gathering my knowledge from books, DVDs and the internet.

I found these forums and decided to register, hoping to be able to get some help from here too. For me making music is just a dream now, because i have to concentrate on high school to get some kind of degree in the end and cannot do as much for the music as I would like to. After high school I would like to either study some IT stuff if I finally realize that I have no chances in music production or to learn more about music theory and music production if I find a suitable place where I can do that...

I hope that I expressed my thoughts in a way that is understandable... Thanks for reading!

And have a nice day!

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Hi and welcome to Songstuff! :) I only know a few phrases and words in russian, but my spelling sucks so I won't embarass myself any more than I have to.

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