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Success With Writing Songs? Who? How?

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I'm curious to know who on here actually got (some sort of) success with their music, be it for themselves or songs written for others that got well known. Apart from dedication and talent, what have you done to make this happen? Do you have your own well utilized studio? Are you a fast talker who can convince others to execute your plans? What's the importance of connections?

As for writing for others: did you write for that nobody ever heard of before or artists that were pretty known? Did you go and look for other talented artists? How did you promote yourself?

Just some questions that came to mind. I'd be glad to hear answers.

At the moment I'm working on a cd with a co-writer (I take care of most of the music and my friend writes most of the lyrics) I will produce myself and sing on myself. Once it's finished, we'll be looking for artists who might do songs of ours.


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Hi, Ferry,

If I were a fast talker I would have been successful long before this...!

And what do you determine to be "success"?! Success is in the eye of the beholder. I make

a decent living from music, but I'm not rich. However, that's still a success story; since I'm

surviving nicely doing something I love!

To begin with; if you ain't got a product, you ain't got a chance. It isn't like some great producer

is gonna walk by your apartment, hear your music and get you signed.

Sure: I've had lots of exposure; and lots of fans, now. But this is the digital age, and sadly, other

than a FEW (like Katy Perry, Michael Buble, and Adele), I know very few rich and famous folks right

now in the field of music... SORRY.

However, since you ASKED; here are some of my "minor" wins (yes; in my book, a nomination is a "win"):

2012: Nominated for Best Roots & Blues Artist, Kootenay Music Awards; top 10 Latin Beat Mag.

2011: Nominated for Best Blues Song, Hollywood Music In Media Awards; top 10 Latin Beat Mag.

2010: Nominated for Best Jazz Song, Hollywood Music In Media Awards; top 10 Latin Beat Mag.

2009: Featured Artist; Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

How do I do it? I wake up every morning and immediately go to the internet. I make tons of connections.

I use ONE source (Reverbnation.com) to send ONE daily message to most of my sites (Facebook, twitter, etc.), simultaneously.

Takes a whopping 5 minutes.

Then I check emails and immediately get back to the important ones (bookings, etc.)

I market thru the following sites:

My own 2 websites (http://cherylhodge.com; http://jazzboulevard.com

Reverbnation (I do daily postings; mail-outs and enter contests from there)

Facebook (5,500 followers)

CD Baby (check sales; this aggregator sells to about 20 others; including iTunes)

Just to maintain, I spend about 2 hours a day on the web.

It's all about killing several birds with one stone....

Hey, good luck; hope this helps! - Cher

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