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  1. Hey Randy, 


    Thanks for your kind words on 'Drowsy..'. I get what you mean by a smoother delivery, and I'll work on it. 


    I hope you're okay, I'm glad to say I'm okay. 


    Have a good day


    1. Just1L

      Glad to hear you're doing good. I'm doing good too. I'd say about 99% of Drowsy has awesome deliver. Just mainly that one spot. I think if everything else didn't sound so damn smooth, that wouldn't have stuck out at all to me.


      Talk to you later,


  2. Thanks for posting this rendition. Despite especially your singing could be better, you made me like this song more than before; serious, I'm gonna learn the chords to this song.
  3. I'd say you have a good timbre, but you need singing lessons to reach the higher notes, learn how to breath, practice a lot. Start with easy songs to sing to and search on google for 'breathing exercises'.
  4. Once you've got the vocal melody, start playing your guitar and try to find chords to it. Don't let theories bother you too much until you're stuck. You could then look them up or listen to other songs that use the same kind of chords and you might be inspired to continue the song you're working on. It's a trial and error thing.
  5. Hi, I'm curious to know who on here actually got (some sort of) success with their music, be it for themselves or songs written for others that got well known. Apart from dedication and talent, what have you done to make this happen? Do you have your own well utilized studio? Are you a fast talker who can convince others to execute your plans? What's the importance of connections? As for writing for others: did you write for that nobody ever heard of before or artists that were pretty known? Did you go and look for other talented artists? How did you promote yourself? Just some questions that came to mind. I'd be glad to hear answers. At the moment I'm working on a cd with a co-writer (I take care of most of the music and my friend writes most of the lyrics) I will produce myself and sing on myself. Once it's finished, we'll be looking for artists who might do songs of ours. Ferry
  6. This has good potential in my opinion. It's a bit haunting and I can imagine the song can use some additional arrangements, but I can understand the leaving them out as well. The singing goes on and on the same way and really could use some variation to make the song more dramatic as I'm sure you intend it to be.
  7. Hi Darren, Like I got the advice to listen to what a drummer does in songs I like, I advice you to do the same and buy a drum plug-in, like Superior Drummer 2.0. (http://www.toontrack...cts.asp?item=30) and a keyboard to play those drums on into your computer. It's an incredible plug-in and I've heard the sounds out of which you can choose: great sounds (hi-hats, snares etc) and a lot too. Listen to songs and listen what the drummer does and get the hang of it by playing the sounds on the keyboard. I'm told there's not much difference in hearing sounds from this plug-in to a real drummer. Ferry
  8. Hi, I came across this website, which might be of use. http://www.how-to-wr...ngStructure.htm I was wondering about bridges in songs: what songs are really appealing to you because of their bridges? Looking forward to your replies.
  9. Yes, it's good to be aware of that and it's a reminder for me to see how others do their structures in songs, like putting in a brief musical intermezzo. Thanks.
  10. When composing songs, I always see to it they're not too long. The structure of my songs usually is: intro verse (2x) (pre chorus, not necessarily) chorus verse (2x, sometimes 1x) (pre chorus, not necessarily) chorus bridge (not necessarily) chorus (2 or 3 times) Another chorus added to this structure requires another verse also , so it would be like this (see green) intro verse (2x) (pre chorus, not necessarily) chorus verse (2x, sometimes 1x) (pre chorus, not necessarily) chorus verse (1 or 2x) chorus bridge (not necessarily) chorus (2 or 3 times) and that added just makes the song last too long in my view.
  11. Off topic, but I want to comment on the guitar playing at the beginning to 0:09 (and also repeated throughout the song). It doesn't sound right to me. It's the ears that want to hear another way of striking the strings of the guitar. There's so much more to accomplish with this song, it has a real David Bowie feel. But somehow, I think it's the production, the songis a bit uneasy to listen to. The guitar is too dominant overall I guess, and another thing is to have your song more structured.
  12. Welcome to the forums Ferry0123 :)

    1. Ferry0123

      Thanks John! I like the forums!

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