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Hi. My name is Jena Lyn and I wrote my first lyric when I was 13, having my first contract when I was 14 with a fly-by-night songwriting company. Also while I was 14, I had my first contract with a bar band. I wrote for bar bands until I was 18. At that time I worked for a guy helping him to produce a music show, run a club, work with record companies, etc. When I was 22, I decided I was burnt. I went to work in the computer industry.

It was still entertainment...3D online gaming...a liaison between several departments, but my division moved and I chose not to move with them.

From there I wrote my first song in 10 years...a Japanese animation theme, which was co-written by an amazing arranger, but Japan decided not to air the show. At this point, I decided not to go back into the music business because I had two children at the time who needed my attention.

Now, 12 years later...tonight...I just wrote my next lyric, and would like to be critiqued. Back 12 years ago they used to have songwriting forums online and that's what I'm looking for tonight. I have a friend in mind to put music to them, but before I get the nerve to show him (since it's been so long and am so out of practice) I would really love to have it critiqued and hope to find a critique forum on this board.

Thank you for having me here and hope to get to know you all.


P.S. Please tell me whatever is posted on these boards is not searching on google, etc. Is that correct?

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Welcome to Songstuff.

Great intro and good question.

we have both google visible and google invisible, though the standard critique boards are visible, it is possible to have private groups ( and boards belonging to the group) and coming soon there will be the ability to do so with private invite only blogs). We might however be making private services subscription only (private group or private blog) as a means to help pay for the site, but subscription price would be very low, under $5 a month bundled with lots of other benefits. This is not settled yet, nor a price assessed, so it may still end up being free or restricted to the invite only groups and blogs.

either way we will soon have a decision.

Many decision on the running of the site come down to needs and wants of our members. So if you see a need for a feature we do try to respond pretty quickly. :)

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