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What Do You Guys Do, In Order To Write Songs?

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I have been going on two weeks of not being able to write anything solid. I just can't find inspiration. I am turning to you guys to ask: how do you guys write your songs?

I'd love it if I could learn new ways of finding inspiration and creativity. I used to be able to write good songs but lately I've been having a writing drought, if you will.


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tell me what inspriation lyric or music (melodies, chords) ?

0. Use your actual situation as an inspritation giver. Cos its taking yours away. Or ...

1. Just take a break. if you already havnt. And get interest in something that you really dont need but what others do.

2. Write music u dont like

3. Or learn an instrument you can't play.

4. Go out and ease your mind :)

5. Find out what really counts for you. All in all i mean.

6. Find other ways to express - Maybe your in a visual phase! Dont mind if you cant draw or stgh like that.

but most important listen to yourself by what you do.

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Depending on witch instrument you play, Most common being Guitar or Piano. I'm not saying my way is the right way but I normally sit with the guitar strumming chords and huming vocal melodies and sometimes nothing happens but then theres a moment were I play and sing something and it feels like it was meant to be, like it just fell from the sky. I then take that idea witch is like the spark or the flame and build it from there. It might be easy to write a song from there or sometimes it needs work to find other musical parts but thats songwriting sometimes its easy sometimes its not. Structure the song in to some kind of format e.g Intro, verse, chorus, verse, mid 8, chorus, outro, witch ever works best with the song. The more music you listen to and the more you write songs the better ear you get for it.

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