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Bird Of Prey Swooping In From The Gulf Of Mexico - New Tune / Song Attached!

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Hey all!


Been meaning to do this f-o-r-e-v-a-h!


We are a rock / pop duo pretty much, although when we perform out live we have a third member who plays bass and also the kick drum at the same time to lay down the low end and get loose. I play electric guitar and bass primarily - she sings, wails, belts, and plays a mean tambourine. I grew up on everything from Jimi Hendrix to Beatles to Led Zeppelin, some hip hop, etc. She grew up on more contemporary "ambient" stuff. ;-)

We both love electronic music like Tycho, Boards of Canada, Neon Indian - and also bands like Grizzly Bear, Little Dragon, Feist, Fleet Foxes, Black Keys, White Stripes, and of course Prince! (Haha - she isn't as crazy about the purple genius as I am.)


We're interested in any kind of constructive criticism and connections to be made here. We do have a bunch of other songs done and several more in the works and a producer waiting on this tune and three more to mix, produce, and then get mastered for release soon, although we do not have a label or any kind of management.


The name comes from both of us having strong connections to birds of prey - owls, specifically, but also hawks, ospreys, eagles, etc. We have both been magnetized by them and have also manifested them in dreams and reality, especially owls for some reason. I had one greet me three nights in a row on a short fence in the neighborhood and actually let me approach it within three feet. (It never flew away, but I wanted to respect its space.)


We're on the Forgotten Coast of Florida - Apalachicola, St. George Island, Eastpoint, Alligator Point, Tate's Hell, etc.


Thanks for any comments, feedback, props, or just welcomes!!!!


Peace, love, and abundance, 

Bird Of Prey


Song below is called "Would You Know Love?"








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Welcome to the Forum, Birds of Prey. Look forward to hearing your songs. I noticed you posted a song here. You are encouraged to post your songs in the song critique section of the forum, where you are likely to receive very instructive feedback. Don't forget to post your lyrics when you do. Once again, welcome to Songstuff. You will find many great people here.


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Thanks man! Song and lyrics posted in the appropriate section.

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