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Has anyone ever been accepted by Audiosocket or Pump Audio and if so could you help me with this query.


I have recently been accepted by a music licensing company to provide songs for their roster.

To produce the songs I have hired various musicians including vocals and all instrumentation.

The company have asked me to quote all the musicians they played on the tracks because they may qualify for performing rights payments.

Is this correct, even if I paid them for their services?

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Unless they signed a specific contract waiving performing rights payments, yes.

Even if you did, the ease that such terms can be accommodated by the licensing co. may not be easy at all. Such sites and companies deal in boilerplate contracts not individual nuance.

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You are very welcome. As you mentioned Audiosocket knew it was a library service rather than a traditional music publisher operation, and music libraries "accept" without paying any form of advance. They also very much deal in boiler plate contracts. David (Hobosage) offers an excellent explanation of the type of rights the musicians can expect to claim on in your other thread. :)

Oh, one thing to note, it is difficult to make any real form of money from Music libraries. in general you need THOUSANDS of audio clips uploaded to make any form of living from it. It can be done but expect to invest a lot of time. As an supplement it is better than them sitting on a shelf.

To that end, your contract will no doubt be non-exclusive, so you can submit the same tracks to several music libraries which multiplies the chances of your music being used. Expect similar terms and similar contracts!

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Hi Again John,

Great to read your comments! Thanks very much. While we are on the subject could I put something to you and ask for your opinion?  

For the sake of clarity I am an amateur musician.  

I listened to the Audiosocket material online from accepted artists and was forever envious of the commercial material that was listed. I have always been attracted to music that belongs in the charts, is popular, radio ready and, sorry for being crass, makes money. However it has never been my intention to make money from my music, I simply had a desire be accepted by these organisations and have my music rub shoulders with the commercial fraternity. To this end I studied popular music for a number of years and discovered that, to a greater extent, it is not easy to compose. Material that sounds off the cuff doesn’t come easy. So with that in mind I continued to study and look for ways to compose popular chart music. Once I had something that I considered acceptable I then uploaded my music and waited.

When I was accepted it gave me a certain degree of satisfaction of a job done.

I hear modern musicians, that currently hold chart positions, and listen how they aspire to land a synchronisation deal with Microsoft to expand their career. Case in point would be an interview with Ellie Goulding this weekend where she described her excitement when her music was used as a background to sports broadcasts. So maybe, with the decline in CD sales, this is a way that the armature musician can compete with the best that popular music can offer.      

This leads me to my question.

Is popular music a dirty word? Does lack of credibility mean lack of musical ability?

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