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Benefits Of Membership

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We've been around since 2000, helping our fellow songwriters and musicians to develop their craft, and to aid them in any way that we can to progress their songwriting and music aspirations.

Songstuff is one of the more active Songwriting and Music communities on the internet. We have over 12,500 members who come from a broad range of experience, from beginner to expert, amateur, semi-pro and pro. Our members are not just lyricists, songwriters and musicians. Our members include label owners and publishers, A&R people, managers, lawyers, pluggers, music marketers, recording engineers, music producers, production companies, session musicians, luthiers and other music instrument makers, gear manufacturers and much more.

By being a member you get the opportunity to find out about things first, and you get access to information and features, including members only boards, that non-members just don't get access to.

Active members get to enjoy the benefits of a friendly, informed community that is supportive of their needs. By taking part you begin to develop your own network of connections, build relationships with other writers and music professionals, and that is priceless.

Active members can also be selected to have their works or their contribution to the community featured to all of our other members and to site visitors. This includes the possibility of being featured on our community forums, on our main site, in our newsletters and mailing list, and across our various portals on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google + and SoundCloud.

A recent addition to our community are the various Groups, for example the Weekly Lyrics Challenge group. These groups are for members, but also run by members. You can easily creat your own group for your own musical purpose. It could be a Song Writing group, or you might create a group to build and communicate with your street team to help you with promotion etc.

Other great features include:

In-depth Articles
Tutorials and Lessons
Our Music and Music Industry Glossary
Our Site Blogs
Our Community Newsletter
Our Mailing List
Member Blogs
Our Community Gallery

We actively promote the music of our members with Site Crew selected works being added to our SoundCloud and YouTube playlists.

Songstuff is an ideal community for anyone involved in the music scene, or those who would like to be. It was started by a musician and songwriter who is a self-confessed techie, it is staffed by a Site Crew who are all songwriters and / or musicians, and it us run for songwriters, musicians and music professionals. If anyone is going to understand your needs and concerns, it is our Site Crew.

Our Site Crew actively promote Songstuff. Our stated aim is to take our membership from 12,000 to 50,000 members within 12 months. We are actively engaging across multiple media platforms and other sites to recruit members who will be an asset to our community.

It is a very exciting time to be a member of Songstuff. We are in the process of developing and launching our own range of products and services to support Songstuff as it moves forward and to further compliment and augment the masses of free stuff we already provide. Additionally, all these changes promise many possibilities and opportunities for you, our members and potential members.

If you are an existing member who has been away from Songstuff for a while, NOW is the ideal time to return to being active.

If you are not a member, then join up as soon as you can to enjoy all the benefits above fully

Not sure? Read our Testimonials!

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