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Live Advice Needed! (Please Help)

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Hi there, so have just found out that me and my friend got through some BBC Best Of Unsigned shows on the radio and have been invited to play a festival on the 30th of May. This is massive for us.

We write/play pop and dance music, and it's just the 2 of us.https://soundcloud.com/olly-gardiner. <That's our stuff. We've only played this stuff acoustically but want to play it as close to this live. It's me on guitar and Olly on vocals and we need this to sound as professional as possible.

We're going to hire  a drummer and bassist. For the synth lead/melody, we're allowed to use a backing track. Now this is where I'm kinda a bit of needing advice;
I've done some more research and it seems like the best thing to do is get all the synth files put down on a piece of software panned right feeding to the PA(Not sure yet on what software/hardware yet) and have a click track on it too panned left feeding to the drummer, with using a signal splitter and having the click being sent to the drummers ear and the synth files being sent to the PA system. As long as the drummer doesn't lose time with the click track, it should be fine. 

Although it's made me wonder, wouldn't this deem the synth files in mono though when put through the PA? (If you get me) Unless anyones got any idea for good software and hardware)


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To begin with, your material is very nicely done....kudos! :thumb23:  I only had time to hear the first song, but it was an excellent track.


Now....unfortunately, I don't have the answers to your questions. Actually I have an additional question.


Why did you settle on using a synth backing track?

  • It seems to me if your concern was money, you would put everything except except your 2 parts on a backing track and perform with just the 2 primaries. Wouldn't that significantly lessen the risk of something going wrong, or ending up beyond your control?
  • If your primary concern is appearing professional, then why not jump in with both feet and hire a keyboard player too? That way, everything is performed live....including the synth parts. If you went with the 3rd musician, you don't even need a click track....so nothing to be concerned about sincing, or the festival sound crew inadvertently screwing up. If you'd rather use a click, simply have the sound crew feed it to you.

Since I didn't have time to hear all your songs, I'll ask another question. Do they all begin with drum....immediately? Cause if they don't, you'll need click being fed to more than just the drummer, or things aren't going to sinc properly.


God luck with whatever you decide. Sorry I couldn't help with your initial concern, but I no longer gig and when I did, we didn't use backing tracks. Because of that I have no pertinent experience to draw from. Hopefully someone else can chime in.




Hi Tom,


Thanks for the kind words.


Regarding on why we're using backing tracks for the synth is a few reasons really. 1 is that I feel that the synth sounds needs to be "right". I'm not too sure how close a keys player would be able to do it. 2 is that it would surely have to be a duo key player, as there are some parts where it's both lead melody and synth. 3 is time scale, it's really soon and we're not sure how quickly we can find someone. And 4, it's just one less person to worry about! 


You've made some fine points on it being mono and you're correct hobo. Cheers. 


What's some good hardware?

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