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Song/writing Placement Question

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I am sending a hook/chorus to a major artist for placement consideration.
How can I protect myself from the artist stealing sections of the hook/recording? Or the idea entirely? How do I price the sale of the chrous? For example $500. How are hook/chorus sales usually price. How do I control publishing of it?
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Ask $50.00 each verse, $100.00 for the chorus, and $125.00 for any bridge or intro.  Then when you get nothing, consider yourself to have been paid with a Reality Check.   :)

Im just a newbie looking for advice/education on the matter not another asshole which I already have .

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Well....gotta give ya' points for persistence, since this is the 3rd version of this question you've posted. Because of that, I'm going assume that you desperately want some kind of answers. Best I can, I will attempt to provide some direction. Remember....don't shoot the messenger.

#1) "I am sending a hook/chorus to a major artist for placement consideration." - Based on everything I know and ever heard, unless you have some type of person "in" with this artist, or have a solid relationship with a 3rd party who does, you are likely wasting your time and effort. Generally speaking, name artists do not open, accept or review unsolicited submissions....period! I understand that you think you have something special to offer this individual. Thing is...chances are absolutely overwhelming that they will never see or hear it.

#2) "How can I protect myself from the artist stealing sections of the hook/recording? Or the idea entirely?" - All you can do is to officially copyright your work and be sure to display the officially recommended copyright designations on whatever you send. Although this doesn't guarantee that your work isn't stolen, it provides you with a legal recourse in the event that actually takes place. Bottom line....there is absolutely no way on God's green earth to insure that your work isn't stolen. Think about it. How would something like that even be possible?

In this particular case, the good news is this...whoever this is, can't possibly steal it if they never see or hear it. As I said earlier, that is the overwhelmingly likely outcome here.

#3) "How do I price the sale of the chorus? For example $500. How are hook/chorus sales usually price." - Simple answer....I have never in my entire life heard of just a hook or just a chorus section being sold. Complete works are sold....complete lyrics, complete melodies and complete "songs". If it has ever occurred, I'm unaware.

Again though....the good news is that it's doubtful to matter, as unsolicited submissions are almost NEVER accepted by name artists.

Perhaps you'll be the exception to what I've just told you. If you are, do us all a favor by returning and offering proof of your success. In all likelihood, the reason it's been so difficult for you to get an answer is simple....no one wanted to be the one to tell you these things. No one likes being the bad guy...myself included! But, in my opinion, it's always better to KNOW...even when the news isn't what you hoped to hear.

Good luck and PLEASE do NOT repost this question again.


In "Hop-Hop" artists do buy hooks/choruses. Also I do have a person on the inside.

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there are contracts for such things, if you have a way in , why are you asking ,???

it is not an easy task to get your lyrics to artists , if you have an "in " then run him over till he gives in !!! otherwise , it is a daunting task !! copyright is a gimme ,many ways to do this , info here on the site , which we also have the info you seek , I been doing this a long time ,and even with an "in " it is a task, if you are worried about stealing , then copyright it , but the idea , sorry , cant be done,

the above gave you some very good insight ,

good luck ,

rock on

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