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Hey world, couple things I wanna say

Let me get my words right

spit em out the proper way

I’ve led a hard life

never lived the proper way

And so I’m scarred right

living in a coppers cage

And ive done some crimes

that I regret

and id do em again

just ta get the respect

of my peers and the people

who be living on the streets

 we aint weak but we deep

in a hole that we cant reach

Our way out of the strange hours

 the pay sours our ability to stay powered

 the flame flowers the flame blown

the blade thrown through the window

go and get  ya name known

Same tone coming out of their mouths

they all claiming that they rapping

they know nothing about

I know something about

smooth flow and delivery

homie kick back sit back

condone misery

no regret take a step to the left

I live my life in the fast lane

breaking a sweat

what’s next for me now homes

I don’t know

been saying it for ten years

 that id grow

but it don’t show

got my reasons why I’m standing

here so stationary

Im f*cking freezing it’s the season

for probationary

Parole and I wont quit

I’m old and wont slip

im bold and im focused

ima handle my own shit

im stand on my own legs

im steady my own ship

im going for dead broke

Ima man of emotions

commotions I can feel em stinging

hit ya in the face

leave ya ear drums ringing

its thanks thanksgiving

and I’m feeding em turkey

im hurting em so much

that they screaming for mercy

the mercury is rising higher

than the highest man

the temperature is climbing

like the fire in a frying pan

I’m kicking it back like

van dam spinning

round house clowns out

that mans not grinning

This man’s winning

this man spinning

out of control

like a dam demon

who dreaming  of bad women

I got the same venom

I got the same remedy

that slipping through viens serum

what I need to clean it all out

ima run the ball now

falling over try lines

homie ima scrore now

checking out the skyline

watch it all just fall down

wreck as I drive by

sending em some more rounds

marked red the marks dead

the spark sped from the gunfire

now the narks dead the bastard

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