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Wits And Steel

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This one was wrote with a metronome ticket at 82 bpm but its quite fast paced. Big fan of The Streets, took a lot of inspiration from them to write this, wrote it in less than 20 minutes so its rough.


Wits and Steel


Mind sharp, big bastard sword gleaming

Coupled with my heart, that’s a deadly double teaming

Coming from the start is that robinson reeling

Minds aerial so high, cracked cerebral ceiling

Tingling sensation, im down that spine

Don’t ignore the chills, they’ll get worse with time

Then one day you’ll find

You was a deer stuck in your own blind

Couldn’t see shit, how you ever gone find

The truth that reveals when its right in the rhyme



no brick to the face, or shot to the gut

Don’t need no metal I use my own nut

My arena is vexed and ready to thrill

My minds sharpened by wits and steel



Chicken, nigga you were ripe for the picking

Ticking, time bomb, countdown, clicking

Photon trooper mind weapon stooper

Explosion in the sky heralds the erosion

Chosen, like I was Solo frozen

Taught myself in stasis, energy in spaces

Brought from the ages, lessons learned from the pages

Chrysalis became my starting inspiration,

Find this theory, my mind got elevation

Im timeless, like zion im flying its amazing,

Im poetically endorsed, my rhymes are never fading

Raising myself Infant, baby world that im cradling



I don’t carry a gun, I don’t don’t need no devices,

Im potent and fresh, like dunes magical spices

Coming up, in a world that’s ill

All I have to cure, is my wits and steel 

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