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Hello From A Fellow Lyricist

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I am a great lyric writer and am looking for business.
Anyone who needs help with lyric creation be sure to contact me.
I am an amazing song writer...
I can write you your perfect song in no longer then an hour or two..
If interested contact me.

I also already have lyrics written if anyone's interested.

Get at me(:

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It's all cool everyone.

Here are some lyrics I typed up on my phone..

the ones on my computer better

this is just a small taste of my lyrics guys

She said she loves me

Is it true

Or will she soon have enough of me

Will I lose you

She takes me away

From all the pain

She gives me something to say

Giving me a reason to dance in the rain

So please tell me

Is it true

Or is it all just make believe

I don't know so i get lost in the blue

Here you leave me


So dont tell me this is make believe

Just don't leave me bleeding

Bleeding away

Without you

I'm not okay

I love what you do

Bleeding away

This may be your last chance

To seize the day

But you're stuck in a trance

Bleeding away

Drowning in my dismay

I find comfort in disarray

So no matter what, I'll be okay


I recognize, I perceive

Continuous heart break

With no relief

I am the one they hate

You can hate me today

But just know

You'll never see me break

It's just too bad my father couldn't see me grow

You're a whore

And you aren't afraid to show it

They hate you for everything they love you for

And you know it

What a big disgrace

You are off track

But you're down to win first place

Just be sure to watch your back


Bleeding away

Bleeding to death

Left with nothing to say

You don't want inside my head

It will leave you to break

More honesty please lol

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Whatever comes to mind really.

The most amazing thing about it though is for my whole life, until just a few months ago I never thought I could rhyme or anything

I even tried many times before but I never could get into it or even make a rhyming verse

Now I'm writing full songs in 15-20 minutes

It keeps me feeling determined and confident

The song you read above was one I typed out on my phone within 15 minutes.

I'm going to inbox you again Savannah

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