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  1. You're wrong and that's not how to spell that.
  2. Haha. Yeah, maths and I get along quite well. We're both perfect.
  3. 10 isn't 10% of 50. Just kidding. Well, no, I'm not, haha. But you didn't mean it that way, I'm sure. Ya know what's worse than 10%? 0. I love those quiet forums in which you get no replies half the time. And by "love", I mean the opposite of love: not love.
  4. I totally used to do that! But all I found were weird, dirty elf Web sites in my history.
  5. Hello there. I imagine that it depends on the label. Aren't I helpful? I wanna hear your musics.
  6. I listened. I played it. Totally sounds the same. Do it like this: Pointer finger on the D string, 2nd fret. Pinkie on the B, 5th fret. Mute the G string (giggle) between them. Let the high E ring as you play to give it that open sound or whatever. I'm using my pointer and ring finger to get those other notes on the A string. The quick B and D. So yeah, you don't even need a weird tuning on your 6-string. Search is over. My way is the best way ever.
  7. Oh, okay. That's rather disappointing. I was thinking it's cleverer than that.
  8. I don't get the joke regarding The Fargone Beauties, and I totally want to. What am I supposed to be hearing? Tell.
  9. Crap, perhaps my death metal band, The Maybe Maybes, should change its name. Though our drummer, Maybe Maybe, won't be pleased. I'm gonna be way excited when you come up with something.
  10. Welcome to the forums Savannah :)

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