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if anyone knows how to fix my computer problem with my yahoo mail, let me know please...


what's happening is this...when i'm in yahoo mail...i used to be able to go back and forth between drafts, in-mail, or sent mail just by clicking such...now i have to leave yahoo mail completely and re-enter yahoo mail to access the option i wanted to get to...


also on this site i'm having some trouble with "lyric critique"...it kept searching and searching so i had to log out and log back in to write this...any computer people on here who might have an answer...



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I miss the days you could just wallup something and it started working better. 


Did you reboot it?  Did you recently download something?  You may have to remove whatever it was if you did.  Free software has bad effects to other programs for whatever reason.   


Those are my easy fixes, A good wallup between tries never hurts either.  If none of that works, take it in to the computer repair store and spend 20 minutes telling them what is happening, that way when they turn it on to look for themselves, everything will have resolved itself and you can go home.


it's PFM.

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If it's yahoo mail I'm assuming it's not an email client issue but an issue with the yahoo portal. Much of that surrounds how html5 friendly your browser is.


Browsers are not uniform in their treatment of hypertext markup. Some do well at some aspects and fail miserably at others.  The designer who created the webpage goes through a great deal of hair pulling trying to get all the modern conveniences that html5 may have to offer AND the shortcomings of the BROWSER   Yahoo does not use flash in developing the UI for it's webmail page. Nor does it use java. If you are using a pc you may wish to consider Google's Chrome as a browser.  It's leaner and supports html5 differently then IE or FireFox.  Chrome is what I use on all three of my computers.

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Another thing you can't control.



A Server can mean a computer that has a specific function of storing and sending data to other computers. ..Or it can mean a specific software used for controlled distribution and storage of data.


SQL = Structured Query Language 


A database is a collection of information ...Like a spreadsheet.  SQL is a programming language used to add data to the database and retrieve it in a secure fashion.


All the data (content) relating this forum is stored in a db (database). If the SQL server is not accessible it means the data is not available.

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