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"Bullet To My Brain"

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And I can’t help, but think it’s just another day
Nothing’s ever gonna change
It’ll always stay the same
And I wish I, could somehow find a way
To escape all of the pain
Sometimes I wanna put a bullet to my brain
Whoa, whoa, a bullet to my brain
Whoa, whoa, yeah

[Verse 1]

When I was younger I told my mother I’d have her covered
I’d pay the bills that give her chills just thinking about those f*ckers
Yeah we were poor as hell, everybody could tell
The family motto growing up was ‘Save Yourself’
When there’s nobody there to protect you from the hood
I was ten years old ain’t living like I should
Pistol cocked in my pocket just to get to school
Knife in my belt, no rules, shit was cruel
And life was like security, we couldn’t make it through
If you had to make money, you got it selling crack
And it made you think about how you got to where you’re at
Sometimes I’d put a gun to my head and cock it back
Every motherf*cking night I would stare into the black
And the only thing that ever made it better was rap
When I had nothing else, just a pen and a pad
Sitting by myself, writing songs about my dad
Wondering what happened to him, where the f*ck he was
Sitting in a cell by himself because of drugs
Wasting away, not giving a f*ck
I used to be the victim of the hood, getting pushed around
But after seeing everybody shot, you can’t hold me down
Everyday sirens and firing is the only sound
If you live where I’m from, you don’t f*ck around


[Verse 2]

I would sit on the edge of my bed, hanging my head
Cause I couldn’t do shit when my mother was getting sick
I would work hard everyday, to bring home the bread
To end the suffering
If my mother was here now, I know she’d be loving it
I’d buy her a house, maybe two just for the f*ck of it
She’d never have to worry, never have to give up again
Never have to lose hope, when shit was getting tough again
Like when you’re on the streets, just trying to survive
And every f*cking day seems like a waste of time
You’re f*cked up and you feel like you’re losing your mind
And lately the only question you’re asking is why
So you go to the one thing you never thought you’d do
You f*cking swore to God you’d never put yourself through
But now you’re popping pills with a bottle of vodka
And realize that you look just like you’re motherf*cking father
But you don’t even care cause you’re so drunk and f*cked
We got a man down, someone call 9-1-1
Your mind’s racing back and forth
Wishing you were never born
Wishing that you didn’t have to suffer just cause you were poor
You’re looking for a way to escape all of the pain
Sometimes you wanna put a f*cking bullet to your brain


[Verse 3]

Now I laugh in the face of death, knowing I’m blessed
And I never have to worry about money again
I graduated from the city where everybody’s depressed
And I thank God for rap, it took the weight off my chest
It helped me get through the worst, now I’m becoming the best
I’ll keep powering through, no one can put me to rest
Now everything from my past, is everything that I write
Everything that I rap, is everything from life
Like selling drugs in the hood, trying to stay tough
Do whatever it takes without giving a f*ck
I used to be bound by these chains on me
But now I’m praising The Lord, thank God that I’m free


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  • Editors

Hello again,

I hid your other topics again because it was simply violating the forum guidelines and they were too many topics in a single day. I understand you have put a lot of work into your work and I would advice you to please follow the forum guidelines to make most of it.

You would need to understand that these guidelines have been put in place in best interest of the community. So that you can get good and valid critique to each of your posts and that others get equal attention to their posts. Posting many topics at once does not help.

Please do not re-post all of them at once, again. Take your time. Give each song of yours some time in the forums so that many members can see and give you critique. Keep the guidelines in mind and it'll all go fine. :)




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On Sunday, November 29, 2015 at 2:40 PM, Jacoby said:

I can relate to this heavy man, I like how you detail what it's like to live in a rough environment to the point of where somebody who grew up privileged could put themselves in ya shoes. This is some good stuff dawg.

thank you bro. sorry I took so long to respond to your feedback. I haven't been on this site in months

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