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New to the site, not to the Art

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I'm glad to have found an active songwriting forum that actually has substance. I may be new here, but I'm not new to songwriting.


So, a little about myself:

I'm a 15 year old American kid with a knack for writing. And when I say a knack, I mean write-whatever-comes-to-mind-because-I-can kind of knack. I tend to write more about lost love and betrayal, with some madness in between, but I don't mean to seem dark. A lot of it has to deal with my views on life, compounded by the fact that I listen to Evanescence, Dragon-force, Crystal Eyes, along with a few random punk bands.


However, a lot of the music I write isn't meant to sound dark. Half the time, it's meant to be an expression.


To be honest, some of my life has to deal with the way I write it and the themes I tackle.


Ever since I was a little tiny kid, I've had troubles to deal with. Born to a crazy mother (who I found out later tried to kill me -TWICE) and the only person I've ever cared for (my dad), I've had to move from place to place. Due to the psychotic one, and the fact that autism runs wildly in my family's genes, I've had issues expressing feelings - especially love. My school life is riddled with evidence of this, from seeming like a total ass for being honest, to being bullied for having a perfectly straight face (no matter what). Ironically, though, I felt emotions stronger than those who expressed them. This has caused me to never get into a relationship, or for that matter, fall in love with people, yet when I do I feel like screaming from the sheer force of the emotion. So in turn, I eventually stopped being everybody's calculator and turned to writing.

When I started to write, I couldn't stop. I was just attracted to it like a ****ing magnet. And it slowly evolved into what I have today - a songwriting habit.


Simplified version of my life story. If you want, I might write the tl;dr version.


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Hi Karanis,


Nice intro. I look forward to reading your lyrics and hearing finished songs. :)


Welcome to Songstuff!

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