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Music Marketing Research Group Street Team

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Hi Gang


I am looking to recruit  10-20 people to act as the Street Team for the Music Marketing Research Group (MMRG). This number may fluctuate depending on need.


The MMRG is made up of selected members who are planning to release an EP or album with accompanying singles, or implement a rolling single model where the artiste doesn't release larger collections of songs, only individual songs.


The intention is that this group will try new and existing methods of online and real world marketing and promotion. This will benefit the artistes involved, members of the street team, the broader community and site visitors. We aim to pool knowledge about what exactly works and why. We can then use that info within articles, reference and training materials, produce templates, forms, and spreadsheets. We can build a knowledge base that will benefit the whole site, and especially the members involved, gaining experience of performing the tasks necessary for modern music marketing and promotion.


We aim to be fully involved with MMRG members from specifying goals, formats, strategies and tactics, throughout the lifecycle of their music releases.


The MMRG Street Team will ideally be members who plan to release their own music in a more effective way and want to gain experience helping with active projects. Members will act as a team supporting MMRG efforts, learning to coordinate marketing and promotion efforts.


We will be using established techniques, but also looking to be creative and innovative in what we do. Some techniques and timings will be more effective than others. Learning largely relies upon using metrics to measure accurately the effect of every action we take within a campaign.


If you would be interested in joining this group, please send me a PM, clearly marked "MMRG street team application.", outlining why you would be suitable as a team member. We would be looking for you to make a commitment to be an active team member. Exact time will vary, but as an average expect 1-3 hours per week. Initially some training tasks should be expected, and in some cases the creation of social media and blog accounts on a range of networks. We will not ask you to do something unethical.


In terms of content, we would aim to provide exact text and images for you to post on most occasions, and relatively tight guidelines on anything you would author yourself. You would be expected to grow your social media presence on each network, focusing on target listeners and potential fans. 


If if you would be willing to do some things but not others please say so when you apply. While that can be restrictive I appreciate that each of you is different. Just because you are unwilling to do some tasks does not mean you cannot be a member of the street team working on the tasks you are comfortable with. I would however stress that among the aims of this group, is you building skills and experience by durect activity on tasks that could be useful to you when marketing and promoting your own material.


I look forward to hearing from you.







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