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Stems mashup a game maybe?

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I have this raw concept in my head.  Sort of like Photoshop tennis.


Someone provides three loops... wav format only  then other members either add instruments or effects to the stems and produces a finished product.  Not a song simply a compiled  loop.  This way you can use the daw of your choice to mix and edit.  The finished loop should be no more than 16 bars long.


Anyone interested?

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I like it Mike. Seems pretty straight forward. Would it always be the same member providing the loops / challenge, or would it rotate? Perhaps based on the winner? If we could find someone willing to do it regualrly, i think it would be more stable and consitent.

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I don't know how regularly I could contribute.  Sometimes I just go off the grid.  With regards to "rewards" when I was playing PS tennis it was more about the fun of the challenge.


I think it should be held hear in the Lounge for now.  Simply because the lounge attracts the most interaction.



Here are some old finished loops that are usually 2-4 bars long to give you guys an idea of the end product.

http://www.flashkit.com/loops/Sales/Traditional  (flash required) 


I'll try to build up some basic building blocks stems to get everyone going then start posting them.


No John, anyone can contribute stems and start their own challenges.


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I have to plead ignorance here. I know what a loop is, and thats all. I'd be curious to hear what happens though.

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I'll detail all.


Here are the idea's I have to start.


If you start a challenge...

  • You have to provide two stems (at least) more optional. 
  • Stems cannot be more than four measures in length
  • Stems can be in either midi or wav format.
  • When you provide them if they are percussion based only you also need to state the bpm
  • If a stem is a melodic or bass line... Define the key our at least the outlying notes.  Not everyone has perfect pitch. 
  • If it's a vamp or a chord progression state the given chords.  It shouldn't be an ear training exercise.

If you accept the challenge

  • You have to use the stems provided.
  • Preserve the BPM
  • Your end product must be between 4 and 16 measures long.
  • It must be loopable.  Meaning someone can listen to it seemlessly over and over again
  • You may add additional instruments , 
  • If a stem is provided in midi format feel free to change the instrument
  • Feel free to add effects to the stems
  • Feel free to remix the tracks changing levels eq etc


I have to go to work.... I already have stems for the first challenge but I can't release them just yet.

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