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I have a question for you guys!  Have you ever been repulsed by certain music, then over time and exposure, it becomes your new favorite thing?


  That was my experience with Rush.  My ex-husband was a fanatic, when we got together he'd listen to it all the time but I couldn't stand it.  I was into more groovy music like Zeppelin and Floyd. It literally would set my teeth on edge when he'd listen to it.  But over time, I got to a place where I asked him one day.... hey play that one song?  Hehe! (which happened to be "Witch Hunt").  When I really listened to it, I was blown away.  Then I became a Rush sponge, it was almost like those magic-eye 3D pictures?  All of a sudden, I could SEE it! (this was 20 years ago and the beginning of my love affair with progressive music).


Just wondering if any of you guys have your own examples of this. 

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I did that thing in puberty where you want to be like the big kids, so you're not allowed to listen to pop music anymore, which is for little kids. We had to walk around school clutching album covers to display how cool we were. But deep down, I didn't get it. I bought Genesis's Selling England by the Pound and hated it. I bought Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, which got one of the older kids giving me kudos, but I only liked a few of the more hooky songs. Have you ever noticed the title track has no chorus? The hook is Mick Ronson's guitar lick. I preferred the Diamond Dogs album, which was full of hooks.


I didn't really identify my pretensions until I started writing songs, then I got it. Credibility never wrote a good hook in its life. Suddenly I saw the magic in Sheena Easton's One Man Woman. I like rock but I don't kid myself about it. I know how easy it is to put a Les Paul through a Marshall amp and sound great. I get tiresomely boring on the subject when people start talking about "proper music" and "manufactured music." It's all manufactured! Autotune is just the modern equivalent of double tracking, which everybody did, from Marvin Gaye to John Lennon! George Orwell said there are two places the public should never see: the kitchen of a good restaurant and the laundry of a hospital. I'd add the recording studio of their favourite bands to that list.


People talk wistfully about old vinyl album covers and I was the same but looking back, we were being sold an image by the record company, with airbrushed photographs, which had nothing to do with the music. It was like the boxes they sell perfume in - Rebellion by Givenchy. We were sold filler dressed up as art. Even your absolute fave albums have that one track you never play. Some say the MP3 cheapened music but if it doesn't stand up without the artwork, what does that say about the music?


My friends get freaked out by my playlists, because I can go from ACDC to Britney with equal appreciation. I'd expect people here to have similar collections, because a good song is a good song is a good song. Taylor Swift's Shake It Off is a classic in my book, far more than Ziggy Stardust.


I was watching some Abba clips last night. They sum it all up and were a band it was uncool to like back in my puberty days. Parent music. So how many good decisions did you make during puberty?

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Plenty of things.


I didnt understand Soul music when I was 7. A couple of years later I did understand it, but never appreciated it until my 40s.




Ry Cooder

Martin Carthy

Rolling Stones

Joe Cocker

The Mothers of Invention 

Marshall Tucker Band

New Riders of the Purple Sage

Karlhienz Stockhausen

Charles Ives

Cecil Taylor

Ornette Coleman

Anthony Braxton



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Ooo new riders of the purple sage, I almost forgot about them! I have to be honest I'm not familiar with most of your list Rudy thanks for replying I'll have to take a listen. 


I like Shake it off too, like you said a good song is a good song. I love Abba too, I was never embarassed about it lol. I hated Mamma Mia though they ruined the music. Chiquitita in particular, such a beautiful song. 


Thanks guys! 🦋



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21 hours ago, Rudi said:

Plenty of things.


I didnt understand Soul music when I was 7. A couple of years later I did understand it, but never appreciated it until my 40s.



I cite Motown whenever I'm having the "manufactured" discussion with people. A svengali label owner with house songwriters, producers and musicians, and a stable of singers given songs to sing. Is it Berry Gordy, Stock, Aitken & Waterman or Simon Cowell? Today's generation of youngsters will be just as nostalgic for the pop music of their youth as my generation is for Motown.


You're not alone in taking a while to appreciate it. The Motown house band, the Funk Brothers, were all jazz musicians who looked down their noses at the music they were recording. They'd turn up half drunk to sessions and were dismissive of it at the time. It was only decades later they'd try to take credit for the Motown magic.

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17 hours ago, Capo3tanya said:

Ooo this is off topic but might as well post it here, check this out. Took me down quite a rabbit hole, absolutely fascinating!!! Turn down your volume a bit though it gets painful. 




That's very Bach. He liked his mathematical patterns.

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My family made fun of my child like exuberance when I showed them this, they think I'm "special" hehe. But what did Tesla say? Look at energy, frequency, and vibration to find the secrets of the universe? Something like that. I drew all sorts of mandalas out of the patterns, I want to make  t-shirts and jewelry. Existence is a symphony! Boy I'd love to look at the score. 

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