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  1. Those were awesome Starise!!!
  2. That's so awesome!!! And funny because Mike Portnoy the drummer from Dream Theater did the percussion on this album 😃 I LOVE Tangerine Dream, cool!!! You should definitely like this whole album then that's so awesome 😀 It's a beauty 💐 can't wait to listen to your song!
  3. Sorry I squirrelled on your post @Roymega lol ❤
  4. Hey @starise, If you have time, check this out. Start at 8:15, the music is so exceptional and I think it might actually line up with your taste! And then the next song, cradle to the grave is quite a beautiful "father and son" type song. This album truly is a masterpiece ❤ start at 8:15 though i think that's the part you might really enjoy. If you want if not no worries! I would just love to share this with someone who might appreciate it 😃
  5. That's the beaury of good percussion though, REALLY good percussion. It doesn't stick out but the song would be lifeless without it. I was messing around last night myself making a pattern from scratch. Sounded.... Interesting 😉 Hey do you like prog rock at all? Rock in general? This Christian concept album "One" by Neal Morse is AMAZING. It's one of my favorite albums of all time! Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater does the percussion, it's just fantastic music, and fantastic journey from creation through the fall of man, separation and rebellion, then finally reconciliation. Just a brilliant album musically. Plus Phil Keaggy lends his legendary skills to it.
  6. I think your music and skills are quite lovely! 😀 They dazzle me lol. Very nice!!!
  7. Primarily? Hehe, you're funny! I just got Studio One 4 Artist the end of August. I had never touched a DAW before that. I'm not discouraged though, just need to be patient 😀
  8. Sweet! I love MusicTales club thanks for being you! ❤
  9. Hi Roymega, wanted to add my 2 cents to this lol. I've just recently realized that the stuff in my head is percussion centered. When I find a cool ditty on the guitar I usually go through the measures divided into 8ths (unless it's 6/8 whatnot) and play with which downbeats or upbeats to accent. Then I go through it again divided into 16ths and listen for cool rhythms and dotted note placement. But I've always done this all in my head! Finding it a real challenge to break into the DAW. Syncopation ROCKS. Maybe I should have been a drummer lol.
  10. Thanks Childed this was very interesting, never heard of these guys somehow. Going to check them out sounds right up my alley 😃
  11. I looove Tempus Fugit! I dance around like a maniac to that lol and it's so fun to sing. Machine Messiah also, very cool songs. 😀
  12. Thats so funny man cuz one of the first posts I made on this site was asking that very same question! Mine was Rush, I HATED them, over years of exposure they became my favorite band. I didn't "get" it lol. I like Tool also! Yeah Lateralus is pretty sick! Check out the Fibonnaci Sequence post in musicians lounge, this dude does some amazing spoken/clapped percussion.
  13. Hey @Tennis123, i'm not new to music but I certainly am to recording. Newborn baby! Check out the "i wanna mix" thread in recording/production area. I scoured it today and got some invaluable references out of it. I'm so excited!
  14. Carry Me Carrie - Dr. Hook https://youtu.be/MNLMtuefTlE
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