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Help. Whatcha think about electronic drums

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I am looking for a set to complete my song writings.. not I'm snagged. 

What is a good set roland's or Yamaha. I never ventured in electric sets b4.


I'm so I complete I've been a coma. Heart stopped twice I was red I was dying. Here I am beat it now I wanna beat some drums

 Can you offer opinipns?

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My vote goes with Roland for the pads and the sound module. If you plan to play software drums the external module is not as important. Lots of people use the midi from the electronic drums to play software drums.


If you are recovering from a health issue maybe it's easier to use the smaller beat boxes. These are simply pads you can hit using only your fingers.

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What are you planning to use them for? Studio recording? Live work? Just exploring and having some fun?

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As we geek project-manager types would say, "what's your intended use case?"

  • "Are you a drummer?"
  • Do you want "a physical [electronic] drum-set?"  
  • Do you want it to have fantastic drum sounds of its own, or do you have a DAW that can provide them if given, say, a MIDI input from a drum controller?


Stuff that is "only a controller" is of course much cheaper than equipment that produces sounds on its own, but they can be "fantastic controllers."


I've had great success buying "gently used" equipment from reputable music retailers – e.g. Guitar City (in the USA) – because they will give you a warranty on the equipment.

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I hate drums. I was able to make two sets of them and ran out of ideas. Used my MIDI keyboard for that. Now I am just using drumloops I buy.

I do not get the pad things either. I find it way easier to play the drums just on keys… or even just create them in the DAW (Ableton Live Lite for me)

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