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medini violin Review

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If you want to use the Mendini violin , research is very important. Consider the various features as well as your need and pick a model that can satisfy your purpose. If you are new to music and you want the Mendini Violin Reviews

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This looks a lot like spam. As an intermediate violinist there are a few things I can tell anyone considering a violin to look for. Number one is don't buy the cheapest thing you can find. If you can't properly learn on the instrument it doesn't matter what you pay for it. Number two- Go to a local specialty shop if possible. If you bought something online have an experienced luthier make sure it's set up correctly. You won't be able to learn on a violin that isn't set up properly.Number 3, expect to spend 500.00 minimum for anything worth playing if buying new. A more reasonable entry number is probably 1000.00 and up. Unlike good guitars violins can easily run into the S10,000, $15,000 range and higher for hand built instruments by good makers. 5000.00 will put you into a good intermediate violin. The pros who make their living playing will sometimes spend considerably more.


My advice would be to invest in a good playable instrument as a beginner at the 500.00 level. This is usually good enough to learn to play up to intermediate levels on and will do for at least 5 years until you can play good enough to warrant looking further. Sometimes a new setup and strings makes a huge difference in the sound. Another reason to shop local is you can actually try the violins in person because no two sound exactly the same.


It's basically a long process to get into the instrument you will eventually like good enough to live with for life. You will likely go through a few violins in the process unless you find a really good one in the very beginning. The ratio of crap to good though is way high ion favor of the crap violins. The ones at 49.00-100.00 made of cardboard...


Don't forget the bow. At least as important as the violin. You need a well balanced bow with decent rosin. Not the rosin that usually comes with a violin. The general rule of thumb is you the bow usually costs about 1/3 of the price of the violin. Yeah I know...some people drop 5K on a bow and think nothing of it.

Oh, and contrary to the above Mendini ad...a lefty can easily learn to play a right handed violin. It's actually an advantage.IMO.

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