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First Try!! BMTH - Sleepwalking Acoustic Cover

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Hey guys, 



i really wanted to know what you think about my first little cover i did.

Especially since i really dont like to hear my singing voice. 


Would love to hear some feedback regarding my singing but also everything else. :)


Thanks in advance !!! 



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There's nothing wrong with your singing voice, though perhaps not the best song to show off your voice.


Obviously you multitracked it... so I would suggest doing the vocals separately. From a video perspective that also works. Just now you don't engage, don't look at the camera, one camera angle (which is the best for social media performance promo type posts). But if you are going to multitrack, you might as well go the whole hog.


It has the advantage of letting you focus on getting the vocal perfect.


You really need to look at the camera more. That is your primary connection to the listener.


If I were you I would:

  1. Do a single, to camera, recording
    1. you perform guitar and vocal together... just as a promo item. It doen't even need to be the whole song
  2. Do a second video, multi-camera, multitrack version just for fans or just for your YouTube channel
    1. 1 track lead guitar
      1. Camera at angle 1
    2. 1 track rhythm guitar
      1. Camera at angle 2
    3. 1 track vocal, but recorded and filmed twice
      1. Close up camera on your face
        1. As a tip, for the close up, tape a photo of someone you really care about above your camera, out of shot, sing it to them and for them.
      2. Camera at angle 3, enough to see you being able to move a little

This way you get a nice simple social promo vid (single shot to camera wins every time on social)


You also get a far more engaged and produced video that suits fans. If you don't have fans it is still ideal content for helping you to retain people who like what you do and help you to grow a following.


if you feel your voice needs the most work, practice singing without playing. Once you can nail the vocal you and start trying to deliver that vocal performance while playing the guitar. Just record your guitar and then sing along. It can be a good idea to video these practices so you can review and improve.


By just singing you can really work on your vocals. Confidence comes from practice, from learning technique, from learning how to get the absolute best from your voice.


As a general observation, you have some nice elements to your voice but the performance lacks any real build, any emotional dynamic. I could offer advice but I would point to @Mahesh for some excellent advice. He is a singing teacher and very skilled singer.


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Really enjoyed that. The only critique I can make with my untrained ear is perhaps the vocals were a little clean and could do with a little more Cobain 'throat'.(if that makes any sense)


Although that is personal preference more than anything.


Again, really enjoyed listening :)





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