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Hey all


Please take a little time to read this... it is important. To YOU.


Independent Artists struggle to reach a real audience. If you look at the audience of many indie artists and you notice the large number of fellow artists following them. Meanwhile the artists themselves regularly complain that their followers are pretty unresponsive when they make any posts. Even for large announcements. These two facts are strongly linked. Artists who find you on OMD sites suck as followers for your music.


On top of that, the ranking algorithms that decide how many people get to see your posts just see that your posts are turning people off... the people they show your posts to are not interacting and so they shut your posts down. That really sucks.


If this describes the response of your music following the root of the problem is that you have built your audience on other artists. Probably because they are easy to grow as followers. There is a clue here. They are following you, not because they like your music but because they want you to follow them and like their music. Often they have never even listened to your music. The result is your posts just pass them by. Why would they click if they have never listened to your stuff before? The answer is they rarely do. The ranking algorithms simply see people are seeing your content and not interacting with it. they then decide that your content is unappealing, so they sideline your content and stop showing it to people. Worse they look at your posts overall and see that all your content is like that and it means they start showing your content to less and less people.


The big issue is the way you are reaching out to find listeners and fundamentally where you are looking. If you have a Soundcloud or Reverbnation account, the sad fact is that by far the majority of their users are artists. Very few are listeners just there to hear good music. That is a real shame, because there really is some great music there.


So, we decided to start building a music magazine site, focused on indie artists. It's not that we will never highlight mainstream music, just that our bias is heavily towards independent music. Even better, we try to make sure that we highlight Songstuff artists.


The simple fact is that the better the reach of this site and it's social media pages, the more benefit it is to the artists. Importantly, if your music is featured there or added to one of our playlists, the audience for the site is listeners, not artists. This means people encounter your music as listeners... and that makes all the difference. The followers you find are genuine listeners, not quid pro quo followers!


We are asking YOU to help US to help YOU.


You can help us to help you in several ways...


As listeners, please bookmark / like / follow our pages / accounts. You don't need to share them all at the same time:



Please like AND share our playlists!


While you work, put our playlists on. Whenever you hear something you like.. like, comment and share on your social media.


All this activity will help us to grow the audience for the Songstuff Music Stage. This means when you come to do a release, you will be able to reach a larger audience of actual listeners than you would currently as an artist. Ideal!


The more of you that do this, the faster we will grow our audience... aka YOUR potential audience.








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