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Desert Island Discs / Downloads

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Its an oldie but goodie.


You are marooned on a desert island. Luckily you have been marooned with a working music player and solar charger. The player only has enough room for 10 albums. Here, you get to choose 10 representative tracks (One per album) and explain why those albums and why those tracks. Your reasons are up to you.


So what 10 albums would you be marooned with, and what 10 individual tracks you would highlight and why.


Please provide YouTube or other player links so we can hear the highlighted tracks (if you can find it).





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I'll play. Though stating my favourite tracks from these albums would be like telling your kids who the favourite is. Suffice to say I love them all equally 😄


My desert island albums, in no particular order: 



Artist - No Devotion

Album - Permanence

Track - Permanent Sunlight


All my favourite 00's pop punk and 80s Manchester indie sounds in one album. Perfect space saver.



Artist - Queensryche

Album - Rage For Order

Track - The Killing Words


Gothic synths with more than a dash of theatrical show tunes. A keeper.   




Artist - Meat Loaf

Album - Bat Out Of Hell

Track - All Revved Up With No Place To Go


The triumphant failure of 'Bat III' nearly won out, but the classics got the vote. Tough call.



Artist - Nelson

Album - After The Rain

Track - After The Rain


If pushed to choose...my favourite album. A masterpiece of cheese and pop brilliance. The perfect mix of Barry Manilow and Bon Jovi...which yes, is a good thing 😄 



Artist - Manic Street Preachers

Album -The Holy Bible

Track - PCP


It's not always sunny on a desert island...



Artist - Village People

Album - Cruisin'

Track - Hot Cop


Another tough call. Cruisin' or Go West? 



Artist - Bring Me The Horizon

Album - Live at the Royal Albert Hall

Track - Shadow Moses


Live album just about gets the nod over 'Sempiternal'.



Artist - Metallica

Album - ...And Justice For All

Track - ...And Justice For All


All about RIFFS. Yep, I love the production too.



Artist - FM84

Album - Atlas

Track - Running In The Night


Instrumentals and classic retrowave pop for those island sunsets.



Artist - Phil Collins

Album - No Jacket Required

Track - Inside Out


No room for Peter Gabriel hipsters on my island.



Done. Although I'm not sure I'd be rescued if a passing ship heard me blasting out these 😆

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An interesting selection of tracks! Village People alongside Metallica! Lol

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Looking at my list, it shows I might as well not have bought an album in the last 20 years haha.


With some of the moustaches James Hetfield has sported on occasion, I can't be the only Village People/Metallica fan 😄

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