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Developing your singing voice

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It is interesting to me, just how few singer-songwriters work on their voice. They write songs, learn chords, improve their guitar or piano playing, work on their ability to sing and play at the same time, but… do nothing, or next to nothing, to work on their voice.


A few questions:


What do you think you could do to improve your voice right now?


What do you currently do to improve your singing voice?


Do you have plans to do anything to improve your voice?






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Hi John,


Great topic!


The thing that probably helped me the most was spending a few years in a community choir that had a really good choir director who taught us lots of things about vocal technique.

I think it's the same with anything - if you're self-taught you can miss the obvious very easily.  With music where there's an emphasis on self-expression, it can be seen as a virtue not to have a formal training but looking back I can see that it has most definitely helped.


I found recording myself and listening back with a critical ear very useful too.


I'm sure singing regularly (i.e. practising) has made a difference as well.


Another thing I would say helped me is just getting out there and singing in front of people. It's easy to sound good at home but it it's a whole different scenario in a live setting.

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