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I am he who hails from England!

Guitar player, Composer, lyricist (Rarely), Anime fan, Metalhead (Generally speaking), etc etc. You hardly need to hear about me that much do you now? :P

Basically here to see what its like right now. Some communities rock, some don't...this un doesn't seem too bad.

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Welcome to Songstuff!

Another Englishman! Where abouts you based?

Metalhead, what are you into?

interrogation over... ^_^



Based in stockport, near manchester.

Mostly Megadeth, Pantera, Metallica when they didn't suck, etc. So basically call me a man of the 80's, vehemently opposed to GLAM. (Gay LA Music :P)

I love a lot of different styles though, Jazz, Classical, Virtuosic, etc etc.

We're all english? Hmmm....

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Welcome. We're all English here... :)

yeah, me too :P

I know I'm a minor minority here, but still part of it!! 8)

welcome to songstuff Mr. Falken! a Zappa fan here... the only metal album that I own is "Master of Puppets", but I have all Zeppelin and a lot of Deep Purple, also some by Steve Vai that are very good, lately he's kind of repeating himself too much, but the first ones are exellent, I don't own any Satriani, though I digged "Fliying in a Blue Dream" some time ago. I also like Eric Johnson's "Venus Isle"...

but my favourite guitarrist is Jeff Beck, followed by Frank Zappa, then Mark Knopfler, Jimi Hendrix, John McLauglin, Allan Holdsworth, Pat Metheny... I guess I'm a man of the 70'...

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