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What is your favourite song to perform and why?

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Hey guys,


I've moved cities and it's been a strange but interesting time here settling in. Been getting some time to practice and sit with the guitar and it got me wondering.. what is your favourite song to perform and why?


Maybe it's a song that reminds you of a special time in your life or one that showcases your vocal abilities, or it's a new tune you're hooked on, or simply one that makes you feel good. Feel free to share! I really love singing along with Yebba on her Tiny Desk performance simply because it's hella fun try to catch her runs and harmonise with her as if you're one of the back up singers. That really puts me in a good frikkin mood to sing!


If there are originals, it'd be much harder to make such a decision since they all are related to me in different ways. But as for covers, I had "10,000 Motherf*****rs" by Jason Mraz on my live set for many years. Most of the time, that was the only cover I'd have on the setlist. They would know the artist but would have not heard the song since it's not on any albums. That'd perfectly keep their curiosity intact for being introduced to a very heartfelt and powerful song. It happens to be my mother's favourite songs as well. 


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I used to love playing Ballroom Blitz in our glam rock set, because it's such a good riff. We used to stick a section in the middle from Aerosmith's Love in an Elevator, the swing beat section with "goin' down," wihch is another great riff to play.

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"Wild Mountain Thyme," "Dixie Land," or "Wayfaring Stranger." I could never pick between them, but I probably lean toward WMT.


Who can say why about these things? "Dixie Land" because it reminds me of my mom and of grandpa's old farm in Tennessee, but I couldn't say why about the others.

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