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On 3/26/2023 at 12:41 PM, Oxy said:

Hi. I am beatmaker. I take movie soundtracks and remix them. Then I make a clip from this movie. Theme of the films - one against all.
Nothing personal. Just a drive))



Whats a problem? Too Hard?

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Hi Oxy Welcome to Songstuff. :)


Do you have an end goal for your music or just for fun?

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This is the intro board. Members are more likely to just say hello and welcome you the boards here. Our critique boards have an expectation that everyone posting work looking for comments will first post comments on the work of others…. and people posting works elsewhere are either trying to get feedback without commenting on others work, OR they aren’t looking for feedback, just plays. My point is, they maybe haven’t been sure what your post was, and just left it and on this board at least, responded to more obvious introduction posts.


That said, I think you did a great job with the remixes, including the video shot choices and your edits, which flow really well, keeping a sense of pace that matches really well with your music remix.


Improvements wise… personally on the audio I would like to see you to be more adventurous and creative in your sound choices, giving your music a broader, more original sound. If you are capable of this quality of work, I would think you are more than capable of defining a sound and style that is uniquely and identifiably you. Your remixes are good, but I think miss that originality and unfettered creative expression. If you nail that too your music would go to the next level.


Visually too, I think your edits, although great on some levels (shot choice, pace, base editing) you again hold back on your interpretation visually. You don’t add much in effects. You don’t add to the visuals with your own creativity, instead rearranging the original movie content, where it could do with that Oxy originality, the flavor that you bring to it, components that are uniquely you. This could be effects, reversing footage, transitions, overlays, titles…. To an Oxy visual format. This too would visually take your work to next level. What you have is very good, but you are painting within the lines still. You could do with adding much more of yourself, imo.


Other questions I have would be:

Do you write and release original music?

Have you tried creating videos with your own footage?


Doing both of these things with a drive to define your personal identity would make it easier to then bring that identity to your remixes. Don’t get me wrong, you would need to push yourself (as we all have to) to come up with a polished, original, inspired “you”, but I think it would be worth it.


Another aspect of your remixes comes if you want to transition beyond “just for fun” would be the legality of your remixes. Do you have up front permission or do you just create your remixes and to hell with the consequences, I am no one, why would they bother with me? As you move forward growing your channel and content, the last thing you want is your channel losing content and YouTube likely shutting it down. Getting permission (or working only on pre-cleared film and music) is vital to that longer term growth. You may already have permissions, I don’t know, but you don’t seem to have statements that say this, so it would seem unlikely. That being the case, it is only so long before a publisher sees your videos or hears your remix and complains to YouTube or other video hosts, at which point you are likely to get closed down and that would be a great pity. 

I say all that because your work has potential, and I would hate to see a lot of hard work go down the drain. It’s not for me to beat you over the head, but if I didn’t mention this, I would not be being honest, useful or constructive.


Sure I could just say “they’re good bro” and patted you on the back, but then I am just stroking your ego and ignoring the fact that there are some issues (as I see it) and a pat on the back only encourages you to stick your head further into the sand.


Hopefully my comments are what you are looking for and you find them helpful, if not, no worries. It’s your music career, so your choices, your consequences. :) You don’t need to agree with everything or anything, but my job in critique is to highlight and introduce you to a different perspective so that you truly consider that viewpoint, nothing else. :) 







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Thank you). I understood. If you are the Admin, can you move this post to the right place?
Now about sound. I don't have monitors and studio, sorry. About personal creativity - I need vocals.
About my expections from my sound. I want to use samples like car, airplane engines, deep space, e.t.c. to make music interesting. And also maximum drive.

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