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YouTubers, do you use the Community Tab? If not, are you interested?

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Do you use the YouTube Community Tab? 

If you do use it, it would be great to discuss your experience.  How you use it, any advice you may have for other musicans, or anything else you might have to say about the feature.


You don't use it? Are you interested?

But, If you aren't using the YouTube feature, for discussion, I've laid out a few thoughts about it's functions and possiblities.


The YouTube Community Tab is a valuable tool for musicians. By using this feature, you can communicate directly with your fans and keep them engaged between video uploads. One of the biggest benefits of using the Community Tab is that it helps foster a sense of association and allows you to stay connected and that's needed to grow a strong fanbase community.


The YouTube Community Tab is like having your own mini social media platform within YouTube. Using the Community Tab can bring a whole new level of engagement and interaction to your channel. This not only helps build and maintain a loyal fanbase but also allows you to better understand their preferences and interests. It's a great way to involve them in your musical journey in a more personal and interactive way.


Alright, let's dive into the YouTube Community Tab and explore some of its features! 


Community posts can include polls, quizzes, GIFs, text, images, and video.


One of the key features of the Community Tab is the ability to post text updates. This enables you to keep your fans informed about your upcoming music videos and releases, behind-the-scenes content and insights or any other exciting news you want to share.


Another cool feature is the option to create quizzes and polls. With polls you can create image polls and text polls.  And whether it's asking for video suggestions or getting opinions on a specific topic, quizzes and polls are fun and interactive ways to involve your fans in decision-making. You can ask for feedback on various topics such as video ideas, merchandise designs, or even personal preferences. They not only help you gather valuable insights but can also make fans feel more involved in your creative process.


Additionally, the Community Tab allows you to use and share GIF's, images and video with your fans. Whether it's to express an emotion, a sneak peek from your upcoming videos or candid moments behind the scenes these visual updates help add an extra layer of authenticity and intimacy to your musician-fan relationship.


Lastly, YouTube also offers exclusive content posting options within the Community Tab. You can reward your most dedicated fans by sharing exclusive videos or bonus content that only community members have access to. This creates a sense of exclusivity and appreciation among loyal subscribers and fans.


Overall, the YouTube Community Tab provides a lot of features that empower you as a musician to foster meaningful connections with your fanbase outside of regular video uploads. So, don't miss out on the opportunities that the YouTube Community Tab offers for engaging with your fans on YouTube. You gotta take advantage of it! It's an awesome feature that can really help you connect and make them feel like they're part of something special. Your fans will definitely appreciate the effort and it will enhance their overall experience with your music. 




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