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Crafting the Perfect Concept - Let's Talk Music Video Ideas!

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Hey gang,


Hope you're all doing great and finding those creative vibes wherever you can. I've been thinking a lot about the magic that happens when the right visual concept meets the perfect track. It's like a dance of two art forms, creating something unique and unforgettable. This got me wondering about how we, when we are acting as music video producers, dive into this process.


How do you choose the right concept for a music video that complements the song?


Do you start with the lyrics, letting the story guide your visual imagination? Or does the rhythm, beat, or vibe of the track lead you to an abstract, feeling-driven concept? Maybe it's a collaborative brainstorm with the artist, finding a middle ground between their vision and your creative direction?


I'm curious about your experiences, strategies, or even those happy accidents that turned into a masterpiece. Whether it's a heart-tugging ballad that called for an equally emotive narrative or a high-energy track that demanded something visually explosive, how do you find that perfect match between sound and sight?


Let's share our insights and maybe inspire each other with new ways to approach our next projects. Can't wait to read your stories and learn from the incredible diversity of creativity we have here!


Rock on,



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On 4/1/2024 at 11:55 AM, john said:

I'm curious about your experiences, strategies, or even those happy accidents that turned into a masterpiece.


HA! I'm still waiting for my 'masterpiece' 😎


For me, it's always trying to match the visual  'feel' to the sonic 'feel'.  While lyrics do have some influence, I've had to do a lot of instrumentals too.    But, despite whatever you can imagine, you then have to compromise a LOT depending on what clips are available or can be shot yourself.


My videos are always 'story'-based ... no arty, jaggy, experimental stuff for me.  I just don't think that way.  Mora Amaro La Loba is an expert in made-up visuals/effects that are perfect for her songs.


PS. Would you mind also linking to this topic from the Music Video CLUB.

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I've always gone story based so far. But I have not released a lot of music videos in my music journey. This time, there is more attention being given to the visual aesthetic, colours used and the cinematography style to align with the Mahesh Music brand kit set up for 2024. It's the first time I've done so much prep work ahead of impending releases and tour, but I'm curious to see how it will all turn out. 

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