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What's Your Go-To Plugin or Instrument for Textures?

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Hey Gang


Textures in music can give amazing results, turning a fairly plain arrangement into a richly woven tapestry that captures the listener's imagination. It could be a subtle background layer, a gritty synth line, or an ethereal pad. The right texture can really transform and define a track.


I'm interested to know what others are using. What’s your go-to plugin or instrument when you want to add that special textural touch to your music? From something that provides an organic ambience, or even a synth that’s capable of those lush, intricate pads.


As a suggestion of things you could share:

  • Your favorite textural plugin/instrument: What is it, and what makes it stand out?
  • Specific uses: How do you use it in your tracks? Any particular settings you love?
  • Examples: If possible, share a clip or a track where you've used this tool effectively. A before/after would be great!


This could be a great way to discover new sounds and techniques, and to see how different producers use tools to enhance the atmosphere of their music. Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas, and to listening to some of the results of your efforts.





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14 hours ago, MisterB said:

Synth-wise, I usually use Pigments. But for textures, regardless of what synth I'm using, I often add an effects chain -  Shaperbox.



I’ve never tried either Pigments or Shaperbox. I’ll need to look them up. I see Pigments is $199. Shaperbox is $99. Both look pretty cool! I wish I had time right now to write a review. Maybe in a few weeks? It’s so easy to get locked into the effects chains, synths and sample libraries we already know.

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I think you need more than a couple of weeks to be good enough with Pigments to write a review on it.  It's pretty deep.  Honestly, I wouldn't even need Shaperbox since Pigments really has it all built in, but I like to keep creative effects separate so that I don't have to re-create them if I decide to change the patch. I use Pigments because I find it the most intuitive synth for general stuff. I have a lot of software synths, though Pigments and SynthMaster are the only modern ones I have... everything else is an emulation (Korg and Arturia). Synthmaster is a bit cluttered compared to Pigments.


Shaperbox is good if its something that works for you. I don't really use it to its full potential, but I do like using it to create mostly rhythmic creative effects and evolving textures.

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