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Recording Contracts


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we are a oyung band who have been offered a recording deal with a new label- we aren't allowed to say until we sign???

how do we know the contract is OK???

We don't want to end up owing a pile to some crowd and not having control over our own sound.

Cheers for the help (in advance!!)

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Firstly, contact your local musicians union (or similar) as they should be able to look over the contract and give you some advice. There are several professional bodies listed in the songstuff links section under Professional Bodies.

Secondly, get a lawyer to look at any contract you sign. For this make sure you use a lawyer who specialises in Music Law. Normal lawyers may tell you they can help, but they are very unlikely to have the experience in the Music field, and that is an absolute must.

Yet again one of the local proffessional bodies should be able to give you some names of reputable Music Lawyers in your area. They can also provide you with example contracts for you to look over.

I would recommend that you try to understand the meaning of all the sections in the contract. To do this make a list of questions you have before you go to the lawyer. Don't just take their word for it, keep on top of it yourself, there are many sharks in the waters... Your local Musicians union or association may also be able to tell you of any basic Music Contract courses or lectures that may be going on in your area.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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Have been given a written copy of the contract yet?

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  • Noob

wow! can i play groupie to you? i'd be a good girl!!! (to a certain extent!)

and yeah... maybe they won't let you say which record company cuz they're known for screwing people over, but you're a quality act and don't want to loose you!

but yeah, i hope it works out and that i can be your first groupie!



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Steady on there girl! :)  We don't want these guys getting too full of themselves!

In saying that, if you want to be a groupie that much...


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