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RIAA Prosecutions...

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Another interesting one from the Songstuff news streams:


Of course no one here will be concerned...



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From the article:

"The bulk of the actions brought so far by the RIAA are “John Doe” lawsuits,..."

Hey John, what's your last name? :o

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Hey Tom

In my case it's 'Doh!' ;D



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how on earth the music businness did not see file sharing comming a mile a  way????

when we were kids taping an album for a mate was illegal..and bootlegs have been going since dylans early days still goes on they aint stopped that yet 44yrs on

good luck in swappin file sharing..heres to 44yrs of freedom  ;) ..evry fan of a artist will own the real copy of a album rather than spend 12 odd hours d/loadin

but its nice to hear a track u cannott get by legal means even springsteen refused to prosicute guys who taped his shows as he said if they liked it they gonna get the real thing...i know i do

music is the only product that expects us to pay for a product that were not even sure we are gonna like

its time to wake up shake up  

file sharing is the modern day  tapping a record



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