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  1. I hear improvizational flute between chorus one and verse two and over parts of chorus two going out. Maybe acoustic snare rim on beats 2 & 4 throughout for continuous inertia. I like the french horn pads in the seques. Mix sometimes hints of Billy Idol, ae. 'Cuts You Up'. On the intro riff, maybe use acoustic guitar and OD a single, complimentary harmony in thirds or open 4ths, 5ths and 6ths, a-la Willie Nelson's Spanish Martin-with-a-hole-in-it style. I like it, Man. Meditative. Thanks.
  2. Dale Colgrove, 1978 All acoustic, spontaneous and unscored http://www.4shared.com/file/8061730/199a6c...tic_Mirage.html
  3. Acoustic Mirage, Dale Colgrove, 1978 Chance Music http://www.4shared.com/file/8061730/199a6c...tic_Mirage.html
  4. Hey, John,

    I've uploaded a song for your valued review.



  5. Hi, Lazz. I finally got a song up for listening. I value your feedback.

  6. Dale Colgrove, 2005 http://www.4shared.com/file/8011681/2688f9...ce_FastMP3.html
  7. I'm Dale Colgrove in Ft. Worth, TX. I moved from Texas in 1968, lived and performed professionally in the Los Angeles area for 23 years and moved back to Texas in 1990. I'm a classically-trained cornet/trumpet player whose forte' is trad-jazz, (5 years at Knott's Berry Farm), and double on all other brass, all woodwinds, (including AKAI EWI and YAMAHA WX-5), and keys, (including melodica), guitar/banjo, and about 50 more rare and exotics, ae. ocarinas, World/African winds and percussion, ect., (Touring Artist with TCA, 2001-2006). Currently, I'm a band director, teaching in a large public school system. I still gig with different bands and often go out as a single. Over the last 35 years, in addition to public music performance, I've worked in studio engineering/production, radio broadcasting, animation voiceover work, public speaking, indy film production/direction/scoring...but my unheard, private passion has been writing popular songs and composing high-orchestral/experimental music and recording them in my various home studios. Today, I have cataloged over 300 recordings of original music in all genres and orchestrations. Some are scored and some are not. All are rarely heard. At 55, I've decided to step out and educate myself more in the indy music business and songwriting and sell some of my studio creations. I've started by buying books on the subject and asking alot of questions of those who are active, like you. Thank you all for your music, and thanks in advance for your experienced guidance. I am honored to have been invited to this forum and am excited at the prospects of the future.