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Drawing Up A Release Plan For The Rest of 2024, And Looking For Help

I had a great meeting with my A&R dude from Red Circle 7 (thanks @Mahesh! Lol) to discuss a release plan for my music for the rest of 2024. It’s nice to finally have my own music back on the agenda for release!   I currently have around 34 songs written, ready to be recorded. These will go out as 2 stand alone singles, a 5 song EP with 1-2 singles, then an album with 10-12 songs with 3-4 singles. As we roll forward I’ll work out if I want to change that and also revisit scheduling

john in EP 1

34 Songs To Record!

Eek! How did it get to be so many? 34. That’s not including the radio edits.   So while I am recording, I am also sorting songs, creating a song inventory and trying to make sense of it. I’m not so sure about how to categorise the way isolated riffs, one or lines of lyrics, recordings of melodies. Not my problem today.   Today, I choose my lead singles. The 2 or 3 stand alone sings, not currently planned to be on an EP or album. The track lists are shaping up nicely. Today I

john in EP 1

Creating A New Mix Of “Sleep”, A Song Written By Mahesh

So, I’ve been using my studio to work on a track for Mahesh. It’s a track I love, called “Sleep”. Truly beautiful.   Re-arranging and producing a track for someone else is not something I often do these days. I do hope it sees the light of day as a release. Not that I have any expectation that it might not be released. Far from it. I fully expect it will be released, but you never be too sure. A song can seem to be working well and developing in a positive direction. But appeal can be


Hey Gang   At last. Connections all made in my studio, set up complete, about to start testing and ready to start room conditioning!   It’s even beginning to look kinda pretty…     I can’t wait. Testing should start tomorrow. Yay!   I’ll update you soon!

john in Studio

Moving Home, Moving Home Recording Studio

It’s typical. Just I am happy with my home studio, I have to strip it down and move the whole fecking thing. Grrr.   It had to be done so… just suck it up and get on with it, John. (Talking to myself in the 3rd person now too!)   Moving house can be a stressful time for anyone, especially if you are a musician and have to rebuild your home recording studio. It can feel like a daunting task, but with a little bit of planning and effort, you can have your new studio up

john in Studio

System Updates

Windows 11 Upgrading   I lose a lot of time updating my recording system. Good that it is up to date, but updates take a while to do.   The most annoying bit is that every time I go through the update cycle, I restart my system. It’s a Windows 10 system. That means, every restart brings the “Upgrade to Windows 11!” Messages and software download… even when you don’t want to update! Arrggghh!   I would upgrade to Windows 11 if it wasn’t for concerns about compatibili

john in Studio

A Contented Sigh

Still working out some small kinks in my studio set up, but at least they are simpler issues. Today I was swapping my monitoring between my main monitors and my nearfield monitors. I spent an age trying to work out why I had no sound coming from my nearfields. I have 3 patch bays (2 balanced, 1 unbalanced, plus my interface routing matrix and any additional routing within my DAW. Phew! No wonder.   The long and the short of it is that I eventually found the culprit setting…. Now I just

john in Studio

Tales Of A Working Studio…

So my Studio is ALMOST tidy. Cough cough. Tidyness is not my strong point. I have my doubts that my studio will ever be truly tidy. I just have too much stuff that gets stored in my studio. Old music gear, music books, cables… more to the point, I suck at putting things away.   The good news is that my studio is up and running again. Loads to explore too. Not a completely new set up, but enough of a change that it will be a while before I am familiar with it all. The journey should be

john in Studio


Phew! It’s good to be back recording again. The first track in a while isn’t even one of the several songs I have been writing in preparation for being able to record again. Nope. The first track is something that came out of road testing my set up.   I started with a melody, worked through some basic chords on my Nord, and then started building the track out on my DAW. Having put together a verse and chorus and laid down a “do do do” version of the  melody, I started on writing some l

john in EP 1

The Joy Of Patch Bays

Patch bays. To the soft-studio generation patch bays are obsolete. Yet as you accumulate studio gear their need is just as vital to a studio as they ever were. They are the hub that is in the middle of a well organized studio.   They provide a central location for connecting together your gear, but they also protect your gear. Patch bay connectors take the wear and tear, saving the connectors on your expensive piece of kit. They also save you looking about the back of gear to connect y

john in Studio

Live-streaming and Multi-streaming

I’ve been looking into live streaming as a way to get my music in front of an audience, where that connection between the writer/performer and audience can be made. While basic streaming to one endpoint/broadcast destination is free, broadcasting to multiple locations begins to get pretty expensive. It seems to be relatively new, as a practice, charging for multiple broadcast destinations. Essentially, most platforms I have investigated, give access to one destination per platform. For example F

john in Live Streams

At Last

Yay!   A working studio. All connected together. Flashy lights, things that go beep and everything!   A brief tidy up required and I should be good to go. I can’t wait.   Some experimenting will come fist. Maybe a track or two will drop out of the process, maybe nothing.

john in Studio

New Studio Gear

I just took delivery of a bunch of gear to revitalise my studio. It’s going to take a bit or rework in the studio, and means some old gear being sold, but that’s ok. Might as well get some cash back for gear I no longer use.   The only issue becomes when I want to recreate an old track. If I sell the gear I won’t be able to recreate them entirely.... but keeping the stems and draft mixes does mean I can rework them, and I am satisfied with that!   There are two new keyboards:

john in Studio

Plans For 2021

Ok... so plans for 2020 didn’t go so well. No need to dwell on it. Time for a new plan!   2021 Songstuff plans aside, I want to plan for my music, as John Moxey, and as Deep Red Sea. That means trying to plan releases, pull together budget for these releases as well as any other people/assets needed to make it happen.   John Moxey At this stage I am planning on 2 EPs at a minimum. I have plenty tracks and I can now record them, but to release them takes budget and t

john in Projects

I Dream Of Blue Screen

“It’s all going well...”   Famous last words. The title of the post pretty well gives it away.   Just as I got it all working together, I was touring about trying instruments out, and the DAW froze, along with the whole PC, a high pitched whine came out the speakers and I had to reboot. Within an hour it had happened another 3 times.   I suspect a dodgy VST. I hope it is a dodgy VST. At least that would be an easy fix.   So tomorrow it’s Windows 10 Event V

john in Studio

Migrating Music PC

If there was one pearl of wisdom I could share with you about software and content licenses when migrating your core music PC, it would be this...   AAAAAARRGGGHH!   Dear Gods of music, enough already!   I just wish that larger chunks (if not all) of the process could be automated to take some of the pain out of the process.   On a bright note, I am almost there with this stage of upgrading my studio! The core studio software and hardware is working. A fai

john in Studio

Getting My Studio Into Shape!

So, I have been reworking my studio. The purpose has been to update my core system while preparing it for future developments, both for my own music, Deep Red Sea, and of course Songstuff.   The feature photo for this post IS NOT my studio, but it does feel like that sometimes! That’s why I chose it.   One big change ups setting up the studio as a viable streaming studio. I already have a couple of good lights and a green screen, along with a couple of decent back drops... I

john in EP 1

Back Recording Again

It's been years since I truly focused on my own music. Really, a long, long time. I think I took most of my songs offline around 2008, and only posted some song drafts on Songstuff and the sleepy backwater of my website. Most of my new songs were never recorded never mind released. Instead, for years I have focused on helping other musicians write, record and release their music. While I still plan to do that, I am, at last, back recording my music.   In truth I had decided to do that


Planning an EP and an Album plus Singles

Well a while ago I shelved plans for an album due to life getting in the road... but here I am back again, in the early stages of planning an EP and an album with accompanying singles.   For now I have a provisional timescale, with the plan to release the single in October, followed by an EP in November. Hopefully then I will release singles and an album to follow in April / May. The tracks are mostly written for both EP and album and recording has begun. Tracks are being selected for


John Moxey On Songwriting And Music

In addition to this blog, which will be more focused on my own writings and my experience in creating my own works, I have created a new blog which will focus on Songwriting and Music in general. It will cover music and lyrics writing, and the combined creative process of creating a song, music technology, music production and the business aspects of the music industry: John Moxey On Songwriting and Music To start with I will be adding articles on topics of interest to songwriters and


With A Little Help From My Friends...

Awaken has been out there for some time, I know, but it is new toanyone who hasn't heard it... which is more or less the entire world!For years I haven't pushed my own music at all (neglected almostcompletely) and as a result few people have heard any. There have been,and still are, reasons that I haven't produced much in the way ofrecordings over the last few years. I'm hoping to change that over thecoming months (with a little help from my friends... ). The first step is to try and gathe


I Have So Many Lyrics To Finish!

Wow, I have lots and lots of songs to complete lyrics for! At a rough count I would say 40... that's just sad... ok writing head on, time to get some serious writing time in. At least 5 are only short of a line or two so that isn't to bad, and I have about 6 others with no lyrics at all, just gentle mumbles as I go through playing them and singing the melody.


I Am One And Other Songs

I finished mixing I Am One yesterday. Hopefully that's it completed at long last! Now I get to turn my attention towards a queue of other songs in various stages of development. Always On my Mind is almost finished and Hit and Run is ready for recording. Another few very near to being ready for recording and a stack really needing some lyrics finished. I love writing lyrics but I don't devote enough time to it of late. Something I really need to get on with!


Hit And Run Lyrics

Posted Hit and Run for critique If you get a chance drop by and tell me what you think of it


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