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  1. Hi Simon, Thanks for the feedback.. I am glad you enjoyed it, I will post the lyrics soon. I added you on soundcloud, you have a voice a bit like Sting.. Nice songs. All the best Will
  2. Hi, thanks.. I love grassroots music too.. Johnny Cash is always on my CD player..
  3. Hi, the vocal is the way I wanted it.. Ruff and blues style. I did it in one take in my friends home studio. I didn't add a stomp or beat as the time was limited. I am looking to start a band tho, so the songs will be done in a band form, when I meet the right people. Lyrics are true and to the point, which makes it easy listening. I do appreciate your feedback and thank you for finding the time to listen.. I will have a listen to your music, do you have a soundcloud? All the best Will
  4. It would be nice to hear your music too.. Do you have a soundcloud page or facebook?
  5. Say what you like.. I did it live and wanted a ruff blues style to this track.. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts.. All the Best Will
  6. Hi, This is a song from my Keep On Dreaming Acoustic E.P. Could've Been I hope you enjoy, Feel free to post your songs, I would like to hear them.. Thanks Will Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/William-Mayos/677682505611786 Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/william-mayos
  7. Hi Tom, I will do that next time. I did not realize.. It is By Oasis and the song is Live Forever.. No hard feelings.. All the best Will
  8. Oasis Live Forever Songwriters: GALLAGHER, NOEL Live Forever lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC (post edited by justsoulin) I love the lyrics to this song.. Raw vocals on the track.. Maybe I don't really want to know How your garden grows I just want to fly Lately did you ever feel the pain In the morning rain As it soaks it to the bone Maybe I just want to fly I want to live I don't want to die Maybe I just want to breath Maybe I just don't believe Maybe you're the same as me We see things they'll never see You and I are gonna live forever Maybe I don't really want to know How your garden grows I just want to fly Lately did you ever feel the pain In the morning rain As it soaks it to the bone Maybe I will never be All the things that I want to be But now is not the time to cry Now's the time to find out why I think you're the same as me We see things they'll never see You and I are gonna live forever We're gonna live forever Gonna live forever Live forever Forever
  9. Loving Oasis Live Forever today.. Top tune.

  10. Hi, thanks for the goodluck.. It is hard meeting people here, who don't want to be in a cover band. It is a nice place to live, I have a song about the lake on my soundcloud page. I will post the link below.. If any of you are on soundcloud, I would love to hear your music. Please send me the links. Thanks All the best Will
  11. Hi, thanks for the tips.. I have done and will continue to use these ideas.. I have written many songs and most of them write themselfs. Maybe 1 out of 10 that gets me..
  12. Hi Tom, I also sing the melody out when I'm looking for the words. I often find, I have said all I want to say in the first verse and chorus.. I feel like I am rambling on a bit in the second.. What do you guys think about those songs, where the first verse is repeated? For example Oasis - Rock and Roll Star Oasis - Live forever I don't mean if you like the song or lyrics, more how a song flows when written this way.. Do you think it is lazy writing? If you have other examples, please let me know..
  13. Hello, I am an English singer - songwriter based in Geneva Switzerland. I am looking to start a band in the area. I like Coldplay, Oasis, Pink Floyd, Cream, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan,The Verve, The Beatles and many more. If you live in Geneva and want to meet for a jam, send me a message. I love music of all genres and enjoy talking about stuff like, theory, lyrics, song structure, albums and all the geek stuff. LOL. This is a link to my soundcloud page https://soundcloud.com/william-mayos All the best Will
  14. Hi Michael, Thanks for the tips.. I have used a verse from another one of my songs before.. I find it funny how some songs write themselfs and other make you suffer..LOL. I always like the ones that make you suffer more. I really enjoyed your Untiled song on soundcloud and Born Free.. Here is the link to my soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/william-mayos Thanks Will
  15. I can't stop listening to Coldplays - A Rush of Blood to the Head album today.. GREAT...