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  1. Good topic, Randy. I also agree with everything Thomas said^. I know that some artists put bonus tracks on an album because they didnt fit into the "flow" of the other songs on the album
  2. Recently, I've been using headphones only for my mixes and I feel more comfortable with my mixes now, as opposed to using my monitors. I'm in an untreated 1 bedroom apt so the monitors really wouldn't do much good, but I've also taken the time to really get a feel for my headphones. I also do playback on 4-5 different systems to see what jumps out at me mix-wise. To each his own, I guess. If and when I upgrade to a true studio environment, I'll bring back the monitors and use the headphones along with them
  3. Congrats Michael ... When is the gig at Wembley Stadium? You will be there soon enough!!

  4. I'll be performing at The Bluebird Cafe this Thursday. Should be fun…I hope

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Just1L

      How'd it go?? You still hungover??? LOL

    3. Stova007

      lol. It was great. The show sold out. Very cool venue to play. Thanks a lot guys!

    4. Just1L

      … and a bag of chips. Glad it went great.

  5. Great stuff, Mahesh! You've got an amazing talent
  6. Stova007

    Grey & Blue

  7. Finished the album. Gonna do an all acoustic EP to go along with it

    1. Stova007

      haha. Will do! 999,999 more to go!

    2. Stova007

      Thanks, David. I was thinking 4 songs total. 2 unplugged from the album and 2 new ones

  8. Going to see Mr. Dylan in concert in a few weeks!

  9. there we go! Studio is looking great, Dave.
  10. I thought Puff Daddy wrote "Every breath you take"...
  11. 1 more song to go...

    1. Just1L

      Good luck with it.

    2. Stova007

      Thanks Randy. Im gonna need it!

  12. I've met 1 or 2 people here in Nashville that have made a living by selling their songs…and they live a rather comfortable life. I've also met a lot of writers who try to sell/write mainstream music and haven't made a dime yet. I had the opportunity to see a very successful writer perform a few weeks back…he was one of the worst performers I've ever seen. Bad voice, bad guitar skills…but he wrote songs that other artists wanted to record and were radio hits, so kudos to him. He has a gift for writing songs that people want to hear on their radio. Nothing wrong with writing songs for mainstream/commercial appeal. It takes a special talent to do that on a consistent basis, and it isn't for everyone.
  13. I wanna make a record that sounds like Nirvana

    1. Just1L

      I find all your songs make me feel peaceful and happy!

    2. Stova007

      lol. Thanks Randy! David, I think you're on to something there...

  14. Hey David, You might wanna check out the "Showcase" section. There's a sub forum there for promo videos.
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