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  1. Hello MonoStone, Simple, Peaceful and Beautiful. That's the feeling the song evokes. Not going into the details as my thought is- why disturb something so simple, peaceful and beautiful? Thank you so much for sharing. Cheers, Priyan
  2. Thank you very much Chumpy for your wonderful feedback. Yes, you are right about the couple of notes in piano; I guess it could have been kept simpler. Thank you for all the kind words. Much appreciated. Cheers Priyan
  3. Thank you Ken! Thank you for saying such nice things - means a lot as it boosts the much needed confidence element in me! Thank you! Also, you mention that you like the piano part @1:22, which is awesome since the piano has been getting a lot of brickbats till now. Thank you, Ken. Much appreciated. Cheers Priyan
  4. Thank you so much Daryl, for your very kind words. Much appreciated. Cheers Priyan
  5. Thank you so much TC for your detailed feedback. Much appreciated. The 'REMish vibe' was the icing on the cake for me! What an honour to be compared to them! Thank you! I understand your idea of more guitars and vocal harmonies- that would definitely make it sound richer, better. Thank you so much for all the advices and kind words. Cheers Priyan
  6. Thank you very much, Utopia, for your comments. Yes, you are right about the piano sound, it could have been simpler I guess. Thank you very much for your kind words and feedback. Cheers! Priyan
  7. Hi neptune, Thank you very much for listening and writing. Comparison to Moody Blues is a big honour! Thank you. Acoustic guitar solo instead of electric guitar at the end is not something I thought of. Interesting thought. Absolutely agree with your last line- 'the world needs music, not money!' On that note, Cheers! Priyan
  8. Thank you for your thoughts, Tambarskjelve. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I guess the piano part could have been simpler or as you suggested an acoustic guitar solo there would fit in nicely. Thank you for that suggestion. Thank you for all the nice things you said! Much appreciated. Cheers! Priyan
  9. Thank you very much for listening and your feedback, GraffitiByNumbers. I understand the 'grit' part your mentioned, will keep that in mind. The traffic sound was an afterthought since the song starts off abruptly, this I thought will offset it a bit. The credit for the great production work goes to my friends at Studio Octavium. Thank you for your time and kind words. Much appreciated. Cheers! Priyan
  10. Hello everyone! Humbly presenting my second song here- 'Why Should I Run' This was written around the same time as 'Fade Away' and is thematically similar, but as the titles suggest, while one wants to Fade Away from the situation, the other says Why Should I Run, rather defiantly. Yves had suggested last time around, to have the credits appear at the end of the video, which has been incorporated here. Would love to hear all of your thoughts and critiques. Thank you, Priyan Why Should I Run- Lyrics: Why should I run Around your sun Emptiness blind My conscious mind Bound by your rules In a ship full of fools And I wonder if it’s all a dream Something that I’m made to believe This daily grind Don’t be left behind Seek and you’ll find Name it all mine And I wonder if it’s all a dream Something that I’m made to believe I wonder if it’s all a dream Something that we’re made to believe Consider this An ironic touch Each breath we take Kills us that much And I wonder if it’s all a dream Something that we’re made to believe Yes I wonder if there’s more than it seem Is it all a lie made to deceive Why should I run
  11. Hello Linda, Wow! Loved 'As One We Rise'. Can relate to the emotion behind the song and it is beautifully done. This is the kind of songs I would love to write....absolutely inspiring! In the second verse, 'as I will reach out to lift you' didn't quiet fit in as well as the other lines, in my humble opinion. Thank you for the song, thank you for the inspiration. Cheers! Priyan
  12. Hello MP, Thank you for writing. I understand what you said about cliched lyrics. Made me think of different kinds of cliched lyrics. 'It's a nice morning', the first line of the song is the first line that came to me while composing and the song was kind of built up from there. Actually, I started with 'It's a good morning' Thank you for the kind words and the honest critique. Cheers! Priyan
  13. Hi Ken, Thank you very much for your kind words. Yes, lyrics is what I should focus on. I am checking out your songs in soundcloud. Love 'Go!' Cheers! Priyan
  14. Hi Daryl, Delightful! Funny! and Cool! That is what I think of Overthinking while listening! Such a nice, quirky track! Well done! The only part I could pick that i felt something off was the way 'into' is sung in the line 'Will turn my conscious into vegetation' Maybe the verses could have been musically more quirkier/robotic to increase the contrast with chorus. I love the chorus, especially the swapping of words stop and think in the lines! Cool! Thank you for sharing, really enjoyed this. Cheers! Priyan
  15. Hi Chumpy, Thank you very much for writing. Yes, all credit for the sound and video goes to my friends at Octavium. Thank you. The lines in the song you pointed out are clearly cliched ones, which makes the listener kind of 'wander off' because of the cliched nature, as you rightly said. So, this is one area I will put my mind and time into and try to come up with original lines. Thank you so very much for helping me learn. Cheers! Priyan