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  1. Making Music Spiritual Again

    I can see how that would be like being in a rowboat on the ocean. By design, I truly meant (and probably not supposed to say it here), each individual has what I believe to be a designated purpose as they are created by God and encompassed within that are the skills, inclinations, talents, whatever you call it, to be developed toward it serving in that capacity. Music IS most definitely an influence in the lives of listeners. After all, look at the emotion, calm and/or energy it has been known to stimulate.
  2. My Name Is David

    Totally in the fog on this one.
  3. How candid are you in your lyrics?

    You don't have to convince me. I once wrote a song about a high school infatuation. It was supposed to be a bit comical and in good fun. A lady wanted to put music and vocals to my lyrics and she sounded real nice, but the affect was totally not what I wanted. It sounded more like a longing lost--totally not what it was meant to be. It just didn't work for me. Others who heard it liked it, but you know, wasn't my intent. I didn't want it represented that way.
  4. How candid are you in your lyrics?

    Nah! I just realized I was off topic. It was my attempt to try to get in line, you know, cover up my boo-boos, but ah! My brain is just OFF today! You are too sweet for me to think you'd give me any trouble. Now Hobo--he might give me trouble....(just kidding).
  5. How candid are you in your lyrics?

    I think I should have backtracked to the original post (or at least made the mental connection). I sort of caught from "Dear Dad" forward. It made me think vulnerability and honesty more than candid. I was on a different track mentally than what you guys were discussing. For me candid gives a sense of blunt, to the point, brutally honest at times or just plain Frank. You know Frank, right? Yeah, he was that weird bus-driver. Cryptic to me is total opposite of that--more like avoiding giving a real answer, going around the barn to say something, purposely vague so you only have a hint of figuring it out. So what's in between? I think I might fall somewhere (often, but not always) on that line, more or less let it out in chunks, bits of information allowing some processing time, but finally making a point. (or the sudden switcheroo!--Kind of a "Haha, you thought I was gonna say something else, didn'tchya!) Is there a term for that?
  6. How candid are you in your lyrics?

    @Mahesh, you use the word candid and I don't want to misrepresent what you're trying to say in anyway, so I hope I don't. My thinking as it relates to candid is genuine, authentic, vulnerable. Quite frankly, whether in how the lyrics are written or in how the vocals or music is expressed, I think you hit on the key. To me (and I think many others), when authenticity and vulnerability are clear, its exactly what draws in the listener. When its both in words and vocal expression/music, its irresistible!
  7. Making Music Spiritual Again

    Could be the inhibitions? Alcohol just makes me sleepy and dizzy. I hate being dizzy, ugh! Not a fan. However, hanging with fun, uninhibited people does rub off on me, but don't have anyone like that to hang with. 😶
  8. Making Music Spiritual Again

    It's not just you, Symph. Writers have an equivalent dry spells. It's (hopefully) a temporary thing relating to various circumstances--heck, it could be being overtired or hormonal or what you ate for supper the night before. I wouldn't sweat it (that just makes it worse). Just work on what inspires you at the moment and hopefully it will work itself out. 😬
  9. Making Music Spiritual Again

    Here's where there is a distinction (one of many), that helps me to clearly identify my role. I am not a performer. I'm a creator. I love to create! I don't love to perform. Sometimes creating involves getting a recording down, but I am awed with those who can carry all that emotion repeatedly. Youth helps I think. I might have pulled it off when I was younger--more energy, but I didn't/don't have a performer personality, drive, or training. I think if you're a performer-type, it's obvious early on with the personality, energy, drive, ability and pull in that direction. Writing is perfect for my introverted personality, my low key, in the background, observing and pondering tendencies. I couldn't imagine doing what performers do on a large scale. I could maybe pull off a few performances for kicks, but as a lifestyle--no way!! No desire at all there for me. I think you have to be DESIGNED for it and included in that design is that very ability--not saying all the time--writers go dry, too, but to even have the energy, it's got to be built in.
  10. Making Music Spiritual Again

    Yes! Create! That's where you're happiest, right? When you're in the zone? Enjoy the zone...may the zone be with you! (The rest you can do at non-zone times).
  11. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    It is unbelievably intriguing when the mind of a child is expressed outwardly. They perceive, process, create and know far more than we give them credit for. Soaking sponges--man! To have an unimpeded thought process like that again!
  12. Making Music Spiritual Again

    Are you sure that it's not that you've worked on the song so much that it doesn't feel new and exciting to you? I know with me vocally, I seem to feel it most as I get the lyrics and melody down enough to be sure of what it is, especially if it hits me personally at the time, but when it becomes overly familiar, I lose some of that. Maybe a bit of a break from it and then, say your at a service one day or having a discussion with friends and this song pops into your mind as totally relevant and appropriate at that moment, ponder on all of that, then first opportunity, go record. Just a thought.
  13. I listened to your first and most recent version. I liked them both. The end of the most recent seemed to increase in volume considerably at one point, maybe a hare too much. This from an average listener not trained in any way to pick out the things the others above have. The intro music sets the expectation of a certain emotion and you certainly delivered that in the vocals. Impressive. Curious now if you played the instruments or if the are electronically produced. Love the combination of sounds, the timing, etc. it has a sort of altered state quality to it, like as though half awake, half dreaming. I recall liking your lyrics, but can't say now for sure why cause they're way up there. ^^^ and once I listened it was the audible that stuck with me. This will be one of my likes on SoundCloud.
  14. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    My son was truly entertained by this. Same age as yours. He was fascinated and wanted to know how he made it, where he got the music, etc. your son has wonderful creativity and imagination!
  15. Arrogance

    Ray, There is no one who looks quite like you! So clean shaven, even!
  16. Do you believe in talent?

    Hey Jen, you've got an interesting topic here. I can't help but think "some" are born with an inclination toward a skill as they are uniquely designed. Some have better muscle coordination, some have better mimicking skills, some "get" math concepts or spelling better than others from the get-go and some have social personalities and others have stronger interests or drives. I do this someone who has the desire to excel and is willing to put the work in could potentially exceed the "natural" who either isn't brought up in an environment that fosters their natural abilities or potentially chooses not to capitalize on what they have. Sure, it would be nicer and easier to have the skill, then develop it, but then the tenacity that's required for someone who didn't start with that is a valuable tool in itself, particularly in the music field. When it comes down to it, unless you had the history of a person, you might never know if it's natural or developed skill. Certainly a combination of both exists and I think there is as much variety in personal tastes in musical connoisseurs as there are musical expressions. In other words some might love what others can't stand to listen to. and vice versa. For example (some here are gonna hate me for saying this), Of Mick Jagger and Queen, who has the greater skill? I would say that queen could outrange Jagger by a mile, but it didn't keep/stop Jagger from being among the most loved of entertainers in the music world. My point being if it becomes a comparison thing, some real potential might never be realized and while I do believe natural inclinations do exist, I don't think they've got the corner on the music world.
  17. Just outa curiosity?

    Well, they certainly know how to select the cinching word to pull a newbie in to keep reading! That word "Effortlessly" kept me interested from the get-go!
  18. Just outa curiosity?

    I do not have any of these programs. I DO have the not-beginner-friendly (free) audacity. What I would be interested to know is 1). What instrument sounds are available with each that comes with the purchase? 2) Do loops come with the purchase? 3) Can you change pitch within what comes with the purchase? 4) Can you import more? a.) If you can, is it only the ones that are compatible with your program? b.) Where do you find them? c.) What might you expect to pay for them? d.). Is it per item or a package deal? 5). Anything else that might be helpful to know for someone who has not yet experimented with one of these programs (or similar programs not in the tags)?
  19. Just outa curiosity?

    Actually, he'll enjoy GarageBand and MAYBE he'll let me try it out. He likely will cause he loves me and he's a sweetheart. 😊
  20. Just outa curiosity?

    Hah! I just remembered that my son will be using a school laptop this year. Guess what? It's a mac! However, school property, so not sure about additional downloads, but could get him started on GarageBand! I recall when subbing being pretty impressed with a composition done by a kiddo on his laptop during inside recess. Maybe he (my son) can teach me after he learns it!! Kids have no fear of messing up the computer like us old folks, so that seems to give them an advantage.
  21. Looking For Inspiration

    Walking through clouds/fog at ground level, things only coming into view as I get closer to them.
  22. Just outa curiosity?

    Well, @starise, I can't complain. I mostly purchased the iOS because I wanted a camera that I wouldn't mind carrying around in my pocket. Then I discovered the calendar, weather app, sound recorder, notes section--cake icing. Then my daughter set me up with other apps, so needless to say, I purchased the most versatile camera!
  23. Just outa curiosity?

    We didn't use the option to upgrade from 7-10 when the option was available because lots of people we knew who did ended up having to take their computer in to the comp doc because it messed their computers up. We have a pretty old computer, too. $49 seems reasonable. Melodyne... something to add later? I'm not really looking to be an all-on mixer. I simply like the idea of creating sounds. My guitar skills aren't so up to snuff and it would be cool to be able to have music to sing to. Aside from that, I have a kiddo quite interested in creating sounds. He does on the keyboard and I'd like to encourage his interest. He's quite musical and he's a whip with what he's learned of music theory from school--he's had about six piano lessons over the summer and was doing so well! I get to stay and watch while he gets his lesson and he absorbs the info like crazy--things make sense to him. He has a great teacher, too! It tickles me to watch him learn! Sorry. I could go on, but I'm getting off track. So basically it's partially for him, too.
  24. Persona

    I don't know who Midge Ure is, but going by "voice" minus what I've learned from his bio (indicating a little more age than my image based on his voice). Going by vocals on Charon, Here goes: long banged jet black hair short in the back, covering half the face in the front, pale skin, thin, skinny jeans maybe high top black sneakers white t-shirt black oversized leather jacket. Grunge look😜
  25. Persona

    I don't know how others process information or thoughts, but I often find myself thinking in pictures. Not always, but lots. Just curious--do any of you hear someone's voice in song, someone you have no idea what they look like, and with whatever little bit of information you have, get an image of what that person looks like? It's kinda fun. But it doesn't work if you already seen a picture of them-- for me, sometimes the image changes with new information, but generally the voice doesn't age as much as the body--so you probably look younger in the image than you actually are. I get a kick out of it because an entire visual character gets built around limited information. Some images are sort of undefined for awhile, while others pop up instantly. It's even better when sometime down the road, you get to see how close or very far off you are. I really get a kick out of that! Wouldn't you like to know how someone envisions you based on your singing voice? Hah! I think it would be funny!