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  1. I love my guitar, but not liking the sound so much since I changed the strings (Martin, I think). I like it because its small and its curves are in the right places. Its not cumbersome to me as other bigger guitars (not that I've played others, just tried the fit of others on for size) and its fairly inexpensive. Unfortunately, its probably not the one for you. I'm guessing you're a wee bit taller, bigger and stronger and have better hand-width than me. However, if any ladies are looking for a comfortable guitar, the Fender Parlor CP-100 has a nice sound and is quite comfortable size-wise (details and reviews can be found on It does not have a hook up for an amplifier, though (which so far, I haven't needed anyway). I think I'm going to try to order the Fender strings it came with, even though the Martin strings are fairly new. It just isn't the same and affects my desire to play a bit.
  2. Hey Rudi, so sorry to hear you got the shingles. My gram had that years ago and it really took a toll on her. My heart goes out to you. I tried to search natural remedies and comfort measures and here's what I found--more of a lean toward comfort measures one site suggested l-lysine and vitamin C as supplements. Im trying to find out if food grade diatomaceous earth helps. It's good for so many skin issues and helps encourage collagen production in the skin. Another site recommended oatmeal baths. I don't know if topical bendryl gel would give you any relief--that would depend on if hystamine is involved in shingles which I don't know. What I do know is it was the ONLY thing that provided me relief from poison ivy. Disclaimer: Do NOT use both the topical and the oral at the same time--you can overdose. Another site that listed different natural remedies for different things listed this for shingles: shingles ------ coconut oil, eat and put on skin; St. John's Wort, taken as a supplement and rubbed on skin in an ointment, iodine, apple cider vinegar (internal and external), lysine and vitamin C, Tamanu other sites recommended colloidal silver. This was not extensive investigation, so if you pursue any of these, you might want to investigate it further. I hope you find some relief and recover quickly.
  3. The stars in your eyes are plentiful Your flavor is delicious I trudge through days without you and empty nights are vicious. bubble wobble diabolical
  4. You got it right, Richard
  5. His eyebows bounced at her smokey dance as she moved across the floor. No need for talk, only that they walk and they were walking out the door. Aloe, brazen, smother
  6. Hey, Jackrabbit! Welcome to song stuff Looks like you have a good mix of skills there!
  7. I have NEVER written a duet, but it's become a recent curiosity of mine. The most recent duets that come to mind for me is the one with Cheryl Crow and Kid Rock and one by Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift. I'm due for a study I suppose. I think it might be kind of a fun experiment. Aren't most of them love songs? What other topics besides love have been done as duets? And ...are there structure demands for duets? Please feel free to share the names of duet songs here.
  8. I couldn't watch that YouTube. It says not available in my country. That's the same message I got on the one Sreyashi posted with Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion. I'll have to google search them.
  9. Sreyashi, some female voices I think are great are: Colby Caillat Eva Cassidy Sarah McLaughlin Linda Ronstadt Susan Tedeschi (blues) Alison Krauss Jo Dee Mesina Norah Jones Patsy Cline Tricia Yearwood Naomi and Wynonna Judd (the Judds) Natalie Merchant The Barlow Girls Christina Aguilera Tracey Chapman Amy Perry ( in the band called "Selah") Kathy Troccoli Martina McBride
  10. They aren't considered a duet. Linda, Emmylou and Dolly just happens to be a harmonizing trio. They aren't current, but still great nonetheless.
  11. I wasn't able to access the Celine Dion and Andrea Botecelli YouTube. I can only imagine how fabulous those two must sound together. I agree with you on the male/female duets. I love the contrast between a really masculine voice and a really feminine voice. I remember when Neil Diamond and Barbera Streisand sang, You don't Bring Me flowers Anymore, he had such a gruff feel to his voice and hers so clear and melodious that to me it was a perfect match. Same with Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. I also really liked the combo of Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow. I prefer if ladies sing together that they harmonize like when Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris harmonized together. That was pretty awesome. Dixie Chicks is another good example as well as Shedaisy. The Traveling Wilburys and The Highway Men were the male counterpart to that and I like the male harmonies real well, too, but when it comes to duets, I have a strong preference for male/female like you do.
  12. My personal opinion is that it would sound fine if not better without the words in parentheses. "The game that claims myself to you" grammatically is a bit iffy and I'm not sure it comes off as devotion when with that syntax. Game is the subject and can't claim myself. Maybe me, but not myself. You could say "My aim is to claim myself for you" (maybe).
  13. Is there something specific you were concerned about? You might get more of a response from a variety of people if you stated your specific concerns.
  14. Do you have a melody for this? A genre in mind? I'm wondering if you've tried singing it. There's just one line that I kind of wonder how it will sound vocally. You've got some hard "g"s in the words "longer" and "stronger", but "wronger" while a great word picture, has an inaudible "g" sound. It's more of an "ng" sound, but I'm guessing when sung maybe even less audible than when spoken. I think since you have such a strong "g" sound in longer and stronger that folks might anticipate your next rhyming word to have the same and all the oomph will fall out of that line. You may be okay as is. Not sure yet. If you find you need a harder sound and can't find another hard "g" rhyme, try a hard "k" or "ch"( like in chair, not "sh"), or even "t". I almost think you might even get away with it easier if "wronger" was sandwiched somewhere between the words "longer" and " stronger". The only way to know for sure is to sing it in your melody. I almost would like to see you change it from "wronger and past due" to "wronger as past due" making it seem to be wronger as time goes on. Just a nit-pickity suggestion.
  15. I expect that many here may already know much of this, but I didn't learn what I know about sound absorption from doing music. I learned it from having a child with hearing loss, so I'm going to share the information for people here who may not know and don't have a studio to record in. When my middle child was a toddler, we learned she had profound hearing loss. Soon after, she got bilateral hearing aides, but she had to learn to listen and speak. She attended a school for auditory/oral school for deaf where they had ideal listening conditions including acoustically treated walls (which had the appearance of worn or brushed commercial rug). However when she entered public school, the listening environment was quite different and I had to advocate for the school system to employ low cost measures to improve classrooms acoustics. What I learned was that 7 empty classrooms with the doors closed had an ambient noise level of between 35.5. - 46.5 dBA -- about the noise level of a desk fan--with the band room having the best acoustics ( good for the band right?). Then you get 20+ kids in there moving around, chair legs scratching the floor, feet scuffling, the teacher talking, kids chatting, the furnace or fans running, intercom, etc. and the noise level shoots right up there. Anyway, small changes to help this would ideally have been a rug on the floor, but we had to settle for tips on the chair legs (some suggest tennis balls). Additionally things that help absorb sound reverberation and make for a better environment were simple things like wall hangings such as pictures, felt or cork board, posters, 3-D artwork on the walls and chalkboards, tables arranged in the classroom to interfere with the pathway of sound, seals under the doors to close off hall noise when the doors were shut, curtains on the windows and bookshelves in the classroom, things that hang from the ceiling such as mobile artwork, flags, replacing light fixtures that hum, keeping noisy equipment off and keeping windows and doors closed etc. Any furniture that took up space helped the classroom acoustics. Most furniture and fabric-type covering absorbs sound far better than a bare wall. As it relates to a good recording if you don't have a studio, most of these things might apply. This is probably why a bedroom is a good recording spot. Wall quilts, curtains (even if temporary on a spring rod), rugs on the floor, furniture with placemats or doilies overhanging are some of the best sound absorbers. (When I was a kid, my friend's dad had a small room with walls covered with sample rugs all different colors. I didn't know what it was then, but my guess now is that it was a recording studio of some type). i wish I could give you the difference in ambient noise level after the suggestions were implemented, but that wasn't part of the classroom acoustic analysis.
  16. I found this quite pleasant to listen to. Upon 1st listen, I couldn't say that the lyrics was what I most noticed, but more your vocals which are fabulous. (I think lyrics usually are something that people notice more with subsequent listens.). Your vocals really have a sort of delicate quality that I would take care to not drown them with too much extra. Cajoun was what came to my mind, maybe a washboard sort of deal, but sparse and subtle.
  17. A nice bone-in steak might keep him busy for 5 minutes--long enough to record?
  18. I get 404 Oops! page can not be found.
  19. Oh! Okay. I learn new things every day. I didn't know that was another name for Marijuana. From now on, I'll hear that name and reference in light of this new awareness.
  20. I'm curious to why you replaced Sarah Jane with Mary Jane. When I saw the title, Mary Jane, I thought of Tom Petty's song, Last Dance with Mary Jane. Why not use something uncommon, maybe Celia Jane? It would add another syllable, giving it further distinction. Also, I might suggest that if you're going to use "one thing remains" that you somehow state what that one thing is shortly after. Also, on account of the rhyme scheme of the T.P. Song--Jane/pain. You might consider looking at some other long "a" words to change that to. There should be tons of options. Do a search on both perfect and imperfect rhymes. You may have to change the wording of the line to accommodate, but there's a good chance it might fit better anyway.
  21. It may be that I'm on my iPod that it doesn't show up. I seem to get more on the computer, but when I searched the artwork that's usually on the site to show my daughter, I could find it.  Has it been removed or is it moved?  I tried looking under images and videos, but couldn't find it.

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      That was supposed to be "couldn't find it". My iPod doesn't offer edit options in forums.

  22. Is your song theme about fame? Fireball is a good expression of someone with ambitions of stardom. "An empire in a thousand days" and "slaughter all the fans" seem to point there. I do get a bit confused about what's going on in the beginning verse, even though there is some intrigue in it. "The fire's getting higher, I'm coming down the wire" seems like a bit of an interjection on account of the "I'm". For me just that one word seems to interrupt the flow because it changes the object of focus from "you" to "I'm" and the the next chorus is back to "you". "You" appears to be the consistent subject otherwise. Even "it" to me would flow better making "fire" the "it" which carries the same sort of visual as fireball. However, if what I have interpreted the theme to be is correct, I think "headed down the wire would work better" IMO. I could be be totally wrong in my interpretation of the theme which would void my feedback. You have lots of interest to your word pictures in the lyrics and kind of a cool word rhythm.
  23. The use of place as its own rhyme was the only thing that stood out to me. You'll have a nice lyric here once you update that. Can't wait to hear it!
  24. Hi, John Craig Welcome to Song Stuff. There's tons to explore here! I'm still exploring myself. I hope you find that it meets your needs. I think some some of the best advice I ever got regarding writing lyrics is to just DO IT! It's very simple advice, but good advice nonetheless. I've come across some great articles about different lyric structures on this site that might be helpful. I'd love to link them here, but I'd need to search them again to find them. There have been some recent changes to the site. It's possible they are somewhere else than where they were before. Try looking under the Critique section und the sub category, "lyrics". In the meantime, I'll see if I can find it. Enjoy the process! I foud it. Here it is (in the library forum).
  25. Joe

    Welcome, Joe!