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  1. Welcome Jeff
  2. I understand your lyrics, I like the idea meaning, but I wasn't feeling it, does that make sense? just add a little more emotion, then rewrite with smoother flow, and I'm not one to give advice on smooth flowing words, so I probably shouldn't have posted that, but hey we can learn together, right?
  3. I love the Chorus, the verses were great also, but chorus flowed smoothly for me. The meaning was very emotional and would capture your audience going through the pain of young love. I liked the idea of the education behind the words. lesson learned now being passed down, that drugs, pills never heal a broken heart. I think the way the world is today, swallow a pill for a quick fix, we need more songs against this type of behavior and explaining why, these lyrics do just that.
  4. Can't wait to hear this one as completed song, I'd buy the CD
  5. I love strong women songs and this is just that, another perfect stand up strong song. Great flow also
  6. Beautiful,love everything about this lyric, from smooth flow to each and every word, so much emotion, this man has realized, only he is responsible for his own pain. I LOVE the heartfelt meaning.
  7. Oh my goodness lol, yeah I'm on a small cell phone , and some words changed through spell check, should have been fallin' as falling with g left out. And I thought about maybe a bridge in between verses to explain more, but was afraid of being too lengthy. Maybe take out one chorus n add some verses to fill in the gaps? What do you think?
  8. Thank you so much Peggy, I can't wait to hear your feedback, it means a lot to me to get any and all opinions.
  9. All feedback is deeply appreciated in advance.
  10. That's my goal to hear it recorded, since I haven't even gotten that far, it's very disappointing. As you stated who knows what can happen afterwards. As of right now I just wish I could find a honest and serious collaboration with someone who could help me accomplish getting a demo. I've worked with others over the years, they weren't even serious enough to work on the lyrics they ask me for, others I had met through facebook loved my work or said they did wanted a couple different lyrics but then disappeared and refuse to reply to my calls and texts, then another guy still continues to contact me and ask for more and claims one day he will make a demo, I've had bad experiences so far, but I know somewhere there has to be an honest Co-writer.
  11. All feedback is deeply appreciated in advance.
  12. (V) I met an she was walking by/ but I was a player.....a devil in disguise/ N' I started thinking......of loving her that night/ but devil horns N' angel wings, doesn't make it right (Chorus) N' boy she was a beauty/ as pure as apple pie---- not a trace of a raindrop/ had ever fallen from her eyes---/ and I didn't want the blame, for rain fallin' from the skies-- cause raindrops are tears, fallin' from an angels eyes/ (V) Then we started talkin' but she fell to realize that an angel can be tainted, all from a devil's lies-/ I didn't want to hurt her, didn't want to see her cry-/ cause a devil can't be chained, even if an angel tries--/ (Chorus) but boy she was a beauty/ as pure as apple pie--/ not a trace of a raindrop/ Had ever fallen from her eyes--/ and I didn't want the blame, for rain fallin' from the skies--/ Cause raindrops are tears, fallin' from an angels eyes--/ (V) As we began to grow, I refused to recognize---- how this angel stole this devils soul, and changed his foolish pride--/ She spoke of purity, and things I'd never known/ N' it was hard to believe, I had to let my angel go--- (Chorus) (V) As she turned to say goodbye, thunder screamed and called---, then lightening lit up the skies, and fire--- began fall-- rolling down the mountains, blazing to the skies---- cause fireballs are tears fallin' from a devils eyes/ and I didn't want the blame, for fire fallen from the skies--/ but you can't blame an angel, for the tears that a devil cries/ (Chorus)
  13. I've written lyrics for years. Different genre's, I've come to the conclusion if you don't play an instrument nor sing, you're pretty much wasting your time as a lyric writer only. I have the drive and everytime I'm ready to give up, It seems I can't. I'll be comfortable in bed and I hear the music and lyrics, as a completed song, until I get out of bed and write it down. I don't see how I can pitch my lyrics till I learn to sing, so I'm taking singing lessons, sometimes I just feel it's so far down the road, I just need to stop all this, and try concentrating on something else in life. I refuse to be a dreamer, if I can't make something happen soon, I need to move on. I've had numerous people online and in person love my work, we've actually even wrote together, then they disappear, so for me collaboration is a scary thing to try again, but I know if I don't, my lyrics will never be heard.
  14. Hi and welcome to the site. I write lyrics different genre's, I've been writing for some time, I've come to the conclusion without a voice to sing and no musical instrument playing or talent of that sort, as a lyric writer, I'm pretty much washed up, when I get that low discouraged I'm ready to give up, but still have that drive, I'm practicing singing lessons, but who knows what the future holds. Maybe it's time to stop and realize I'm getting no where fast.