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  1. it was rushed excitement in the spur of the moment. the first minute of lyrics and the beat were made written and recorded that day and the other vocals were from a previous studio session i was still eqin and lining up so i thought let me try the new beat with new vocals it was quite late and i really wanted to put out the track so i rushed it😅
  2. heres a track from my up coming album im working on still needs alot of work
  3. This sounds nice I love the guitar melody. Maybe some light percussion will get you re motivated
  4. its crazy how there is more sugar per 100g of yogurt compared to a weight gain powder

  5. Hi, I need someone to help on the music side. do you have the time.


      what help do you need?


  6. i love story telling and simple yet complex poetry. since a teen iv grown into the habit of rapping my poetry personally id love it, if i could sing and expand my vocal ability, far beyond what it currently is id like my music to be positive and uplifting, yet make you think about certain matters altho i like to touch matters that are occurring, that may be bad. it would be great, if i could portray these emotions in a intellectual poetic comedic way are there genres beyond hiphop, that i could expand my lyrics and how there portrayed? or would i simply need to change my writing structure? in terms of rap, the genre is not a matter.reggae,pop,rock,dubstep i can rhyme over any genre but which genre do you think i could portray my style over best?
  7. Drop me your email and ill send you ivory steinway piano best piano iv used so far
  8. no. I dont know of an option to do this with my soundcard
  9. Ill try that out now. sounds like a good idea to me, thanks. A link to my soundcard below https://www.asus.com/uk/Sound/Xonar_DX/
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