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  1. whos your favorite singer and WHY!!??

    Elliott Smith, John Lennon, Frank Zappa; anyone with enough brains to write great stuff and enough vision to convey it meaningfully
  2. How To Turn An Idea Into Lyrics?

    usually i take the phrase and try to see how it rolls off the tongue. see what phrasing/pace best conveys the words. play around with it switch words/syntax and see what has the best flow. from there come up with similarily metered stuff and a melody that goes nicely with it. This is all pretty intuitive but it is learned with practise. write write write!
  3. Guiding Principles?

    the first element really has to be a spontaneity that comes to me and is worth getting down. after that, flow and some kind of narrative continuity are what i prize the most. Lyrics and melodies can be dome a dozen and of course there's going to be small things in there you're proud of, but what i look for most is a way to make the song cohesive and fluid. being memorable just means it worked well! it's hard to write something and make it memorable from the start, that's an aspect that goes with a really good riff. if the song is cohesive then the memorableness of your hooks and the ways you string them together combine to make a great song!
  4. Productive Internet?

    Yeah the tascam's in it's twenties. using tape means slow manipulation but i have nothing to complain about via sound quality, it's a very clean medium (except for the hiss haha), and plus it's great having a dedicate system to make music on. the computer is ok but i like having a device that is purely for production.
  5. Productive Internet?

    Hi, my name is Ben, I'm a songwriter in a 3-piece, and I'm also working on a self produced EP, and this forum looks like a good place to be. I'm working with a Tascam midistudio 644 mostly, and I play guitar, as well as bass and piano when i have the opportunity. You can read my influencesHoping to learn a lot and have interesting discussions. Thanks, rock and roll!!!!!!!